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hello peoples, the best show this year is over :( well at least the best SOL. And you want to know why it's the best right, otherwise why are you here? Well let me tell you why. For the shotgun review laid back camp is genuinely one of the most relaxed and chil show to watch, with solid animation, fun characters and amazing music you'll definitely enjoy the second season. That being said if you get 3/4 episodes in and are just plain bored or uninterested then drop I can see how people can find it boringz otherwise kick you feet up and get sucked in to the charming and relaxing work of laid back camp. Now for the detailed review 

first the animation, though the majority of the animation is just above par the landscapes are straight up art work. It really lets your eye just soak in the view. Awesome

the sound, honestly most of the ambient sound just doesn't exist, no birds or insects, the sound of cars or people that aren't the main characters, I think that's done on purpose for the whole relaxing thing but I do like the immersion. The high score is for the music! Great op and ep for every season and the short really some of the best music in any anime that fits its show.

Now for characters is a sol so I'm a bit generous I don't expect much and the same goes here. The big difference between this and any other sol is that there isn't any bullshit it is the same from episode 1 season 1 to epsiode 12 season 2 just a group of friends living life and camping. We need more of that 

Well the story falls into that as well really can't ask for more with a story like this 

I have to say laid back camp is the best standard slice of life I'm excluding things like Nichojou or asobe asibasae (I butchered that) since those are hyper outlandish comedies. But for SOLs grounded in reality I do believe that laid back camp is the best by far no drama no random Bs at the end just happy nostalgic feeling all the way through that may make some of you go camping (try it, it is super fun and relaxing if done right and well prepared). It is well worth your time and a joy to watch.

that's all for this one peoples, thanks for the read and have a good one! 

5/10 story
8.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
9/10 overall

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