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Well inyuasha's bortuto like sequel is here. And honestly it's uhh ok, it's certainly a show that's is reminiscent of older shounens. The problem is just that ,shows that old are typically followed by remember it's old so don't be so rough but this came out in 2020 so tough luck. 

for the short side I would say if you get 5-6 episodes in and you just aren't feeling it then drop/put it on hold because there is a second season and it could get better. Otherwise don't hold your breath.

Now onto the detailed reveiw 

aniamtions are okay . To be fair it's not bad, it definitely succeeded at trying to retain the old style of animation. But there are definitely some rough spots that you'll double take when you see it 

The Sound mmmm sucks there just really don't any background noise. All they have is music and sometimes a bad choice for the scene at that. The multiple OPs And EPs are really good which is why it wasn't a lower score 

characters are okay incredibly one dimensional but they are mildly entertaining. More depth is always good a back story doesn't make a characters good it's how they act in different situations that make them what they are and we'll these just all acted the same or incredibly predictable.

Yeesh the story they had a goal and she never followe on it she's mentioned it all the time for the first 12-16 epsidoes then at least once an epsiode for the rest but guess what she didn't do anything with that instead it became hunt the demon lord guys because plot says so. That really made it stale really fast. 

so if you are really looking for a show that reminds you of the old anime you watch when you were a little kid then Yashahime will scratch that nostalgic itch I know it sorta does for me. I know I went a bit gentle on it because of that. The only problem is that it reminds you of all the poor writing that came with these 90s-early 2000s shows

If you do try it out then have some fun with yashahime it certainly is a blast to the past 

6/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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