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Well here you are, not sure what to watch? Tired of high octane action or the overly melodramatic rom coms? This show is your cure it's like a paper cleaner or whatever rich people say. This show will mellow you out and relax faster an anime girl in a hot springs. 

Honestly the show is a bit boring but it is relatively funny and like I said is a good change of scenery. It reminded me of laid back camp to get a idea of the show. If you feel yourself getting to bored by epsiode 3/4 then drop it otherwise you in for some late 2000s anime goodness where overeation was rare cliches few and far between and shows actually had good endings. 

I won't do a too in-depth review since it's a older show. The animation is still fine it isn't in HD but the quality is there. Sound is good scenes don't feel too empty, and the music is good as well nothing outstanding. The characters are the typical not so in-depth kind, but for the show type I typically don't care too much. Story well there isn't one, it's a SOL if you were expecting a story then circus o lay has openings. 

I rated it higher than I typically do because the show did a good job with it set out to do. And on top of that the ending was great, especially when anime nowadays can't seem to end well, whether it be a single arc, a short series, or the entire show cough*one piece* cough. That's it for this one thanks for the read, have good one 

5/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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