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Waiting in the Summer

Jun 3, 2020

i dont understand why directors/writers think that creating a love story like this is a good idea.i a by no means a romance junkie, but as a casual wathcer of the genre  i have a lot of gripes with this show alhtough some are nitpicky i do believe that most will agree wiht what i have to say. i dont say this very often but this porbably wouldve been a better read than watched. i would say if you are not a romance show guru or if you are tired of really obviuos romance shows then dont watch it 

first is the story itself, why did they have to do this half scifi/ men inblack crossover  half coming of age summer love story? i saw the ending coming after the 3rd episode its almost as predictable as the "love intrest has fatal disease" trope. the characters werent terrible so i beleive that if the story was more grounded or if the story went more scifi romance then i beleive that it would have been much better.

second has to be the initial push for a love triangle, seriously a majority of the love trianglesin any form of writing has to be the top 5 worst writing cliches, and this one is no different she added nothing to the story she was just there and rolled over like a dead fish. a decent example of a love triangle is "sing for me yesterday" but the problme lies wiht the main character and not the two opposing love intrests which is why "waiting in the summer's" love trianlge elicited so many eye rolls from me. 

lastly is the dialouge, some of it feels very natural and is really good. but when its bad damn is it bad. the word "senpai" was used so many times, if you made a drinking game out of the last episode alone you would get alcohol poisoning before the 10 minute mark. if the MC knew she was an alien and the fact that they loed each other why didnt he use her name? it made no sense, culture differnece isnt a good counter argument because so many other anime drop that title when the characters become close friends or get in a relationship. which is why  again i say that when the dialouge is clearly trying to push for time it comes out as verbal vomit and its clear not as much thought was put into certain scenes.

last is ichicka, she has a problem with picking and chosing her ignorance for the culture of japan and humans on earth. she had no problem fishing in the river ,staying at a strangers home, whering lingere around the MC casually and other physical actions to teh main character. yet knows that sex with a student and an adult is wrong, what clothes she wanted to where. the list becomes longer and lnger the more you watch. also she says she is not from japan and people say her japanese is great but nobody says "where are you from you dont look japanese " never really comes up. her character was a very weak excuse for the fish out of water/ my love interest will check off as many boxes as possible so that the viewers can relate/cheer/lust after her better and it comes off so lazy and cheap story telling that the plot holes come up like swiss cheese. also giant robots were flying around and no one notices? that doesnt make any sense whatsoever

i will say that id the show had been more consistent, removed the love triangle, and made the show about wanting to stay with each other instead of the will they wont they trope would have made it way more interesting. it definetly has quality in the show but the story has to be the biggest detrament

again i would say if you are not a romance show guru or if you are tired of really obviuos romance shows then dont watch it.

3/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
3/10 overall
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