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so season 3 is now over and it was for better or worse another season of demon slayer. if you liked the previous itterations then nothings changed the fighjts are still good, animation is great sounds is nice and crisp, story is.... sparce and kind of weak and tanjiro wont shut the fuck up in fights. but if you are really tired of the incessant flashbacks,marvel like immersion breaking jokes mid combat and personally some weird word choices that maybe were a translation issue or at least i thought they didnt make sense, then maybe stay away. you shouldnt feel forced to watch just because its popular even this far in.

I wont do a longer reviewj ust a pros and cons of this season.

PROS: again actions is great and essentially nonstop, maybe because other shows didnt have as much that im fixating on it. also double barrel shotgon need more of that. try dodging or parrying 6 balls of metal flying half the speed of sound and it should stay that way.

CONS: way to many flashbacks that last WAY to long and teh preivously mentioned,tension breaking jokes, tanjiro contiually talkling nonsense and the big one an extreme lack of consequences.

They did make progression of the story albiet in a very out of left field Mcguffin kind of way that almost felt like an amazing scene unfolding only to be squanderd by poor foresight and planning. 

Personally i think demon slayer is a fine baseline that isnt as annoying as other popular shounen but also not great either.    im sure many will disagree with me most whove lasted this long are either all or nothing on the show so spliting the baby usually isnt the best place to sit. 

Regardless if do watch it i hope you do enjoy thats all from me thanks fior the read and have a good one!

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall

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