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Who even read this?

I'm a brit who started with DBZ BT3 which got me into anime and one of my favourite animes was Bleach when I started getting back into anime and I try to watch more animes then has a result.


My rating scale is a bit mouth full so forgive for a lot of bad typing within all this. 

1.0: Not good at all, wouldn't recommend it.


2.0: Better then 1.0 but has issues within it's own setting or cancelled in the dub which can be a issue. 

(I don't mind sub or dub for reference here)


3.0: Average run of the mill anime, has good stuff along with the bad but usally recommend if you're new to watching anime in general.


4.0: Really good, while it may have issues of it own. The flaws are not that big of a issue to not have has a recommedation show.


5.0: Finally, a great show around, not much else to put here.


That's pretty much it when it comes to me and my ratings, feel free to message and forgive I'm not active ^^"

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Sianeka Mar 1, 2016

Hello!! I hope you have been enjoying your time on a-p!!  ^_^