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There is alot of things i would like to say but ill keep it short like the anime.

Minor Spoiler Alert.

The Description didnt match the plot in the anime, we spend more time watching the progress between the 2 during their school years and afterwards more than the marriage, the only shit about marriage was at the beginning and that didnt even make sense. Including the fact that they are so shy that one wont confess to the other and vice-versa and then mix in the cliche where as 1 misunderstanding cause a rupture in their relationship because the rich has to have their way with arranged marriage. ALSO THE FUCKING FACT THAT IT WAS ONLY TOWARD THE END WHY WE GET AN IDEA OF WHY THEIR MARRIAGE IS UNHAPPY EVEN THO IN THE 11 EPISODES WE WATCHED, THEY LONGED FOR EACH OTHER I MEAN COME ON, WHY THE FUCK IS THE ANIME SO COMPLEX.

Anywho, im pretty sure the manga is 1000 times better so i would recommend this anime to whoever has time to spare to watch it and whoever wants more experience on bad romance animes.


1/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
3.4/10 overall

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TheProVietnamese Jul 27, 2020

In the first season, she remains with Lu(if I remember correctly, forgive me but this was 3 years ago). But there are 2 more seasons since my post in 2017 so there might be more to this. Still wouldn't recommend this fuck fest but its only 11m per episode.

sureshfrancis Jul 27, 2020

who did she actually marry his brother or lu jinana