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17-sai. (Youji KAMATA)

Jun 11, 2021


So I found out about this manga by watching The Anime Man’s recent video “This DISTURBING Manga is Based on a REAL CRIME in Japan” this led me to check it out.

It’s obviously a very dark manga where it shows a schoolgirl being kidnapped by a group of despicable scum of the earth and her twin sister is desperate to find her. While this manga gave a happy ending by showing that the schoolgirl in this manga was saved by the sister, it was sadly not the case for Junko Furuta. The kid was killed and buried in a concrete drum like the sick twisted sons of b who did this, I hope to f that they suffer every single day while they are alive!

Don’t get me wrong I do applaud the mangaka for shedding light on a kidnapping case but I would have liked to have seen the characters more empathetic and serious when they notice that a crime was happening right in front of their eyes. Like it bothered me so much that everyone was just twiddling their thumbs and the fact that the schoolgirls twin sister was asking the perpetrators did they hurt her sister, which they obviously did! For real I wouldn’t be asking questions, I would get help the second I hear someone is really in trouble!

Yeah just don’t read this guys if you feel your stomach or heart can’t handle it, it’s definitely a gut wrenching experience for me while i read through the 36 chapters….

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
6/10 overall
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