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‼️Warning: May contain spoilers ahead. I'll try to limit the information to what is said in the synopsis. ‼️

Review after reading chapter 30:

I will have to agree with a few commenters that Cinderella was used as an attention getter for those who expected the main character to rise to power through love rather than through her own biological family name. She's not being abused or mistreated by her biological mother nor anyone else she lives with-- only the fact that she is uprooted from her struggling life to one of power and prestige.

Story comments:

I've read plenty of stories that contain unique and strong female leads who either act as villainesses or have a redemption arc to prove themselves. My addiction comes from an internal desire to see that in my own life, but I'm deviating from the points I want to make. The story is not very unique in terms of structure nor complexity. You have someone who is plotting to take over a country, a family that stands in the way, and a character that has a duty to prove herself. It's a love and hate relationship because stories can make or break my initial interest. It's why I try to read 10-15 chapters before finally determining if it's worth my time now. I'll say that it's standard, but executed well with how the author fixes up "plot holes" in the beginning. It's one that gets better the more you read.

Art comments:

I'm not one to be too upset if a story is lacking with art because I'm always pleasantly surprised when it's consistent as it progresses. Consistency is important to me. The art is not the best of the best, but it enhances the characters and shows their complex emotions. The anatomy is also pleasing to look at. Doing proper hands and feet in art is always incredibly difficult, but it's always a good indicator of how much love the artist puts into their work. It also gets better with the progression of the story, as you see the main character get a better grasp on her capabilities. It's not the best of the best, but it's better than I expected of a drama romance compared to action.

Character comments:

This is where I deviate from plenty of other readers. I adore flawed characters. I like seeing character progression that breaks away from the standard hero-esque assumptions (i.e., the mc has to be either attractive or "fixed" to be attractive, that they have an inherent sense of justice, that they have people who help them out of good will). I find that those tropes are a hinderance when it comes to this genre because it locks female leads into a box of submission. The first 30 chapter of this title are different though. Terryl, the main character, is flawed in the sense that she struggles with the loss of the life she planned out in her mind with the man she loved. She has yet to make a fatal mistake, but I expect something to happen because that's the structure of titles like this. If I had to equate the complexity and hatred for the main characters to another series, it would be The Golden Haired Summoner. Both main characters are selfish and focus on their own goals. I'm not sure how to fully explain them yet because it feels like there's more depth and complexity to them outside of what I've read thus far. I'll just say that it's a refreshing story where you question the motives of the main characters.

The flaws:

When I enjoy content, and I mean really enjoy, it's hard for me to point out the flaws on the first read through. For this story, I'm unsure if some inconsistencies are meant as plot points or if some of them are sloppy writting. It's a slight issue for me, but I feel like it'll (hopefully) clear up as it progresses. Some of the side characters also come across as sloppily written-- which I could agree with. Doing a story that focuses on trauma accurately is difficult. It's not a deal breaker for me, so it's not a huge issue. (TLDR; there's minor inconsistencies with the plot and characters, but I hope they're covered and fixed in future chapters.)

If you're looking for a female lead that shows growth, this is a story for you that I'll recommend, but be aware that my recommendation comes from only reading up to the most recent chapter (chapter 30).

7/10 story
9/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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