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DesertShirt Jun 16, 2023

lol "shes like not even hot" 

Yes! I'm with you on that! But Chocho? Don't you dare say that, she's a precious lil debu

sonick66 Jun 22, 2022

what 0 pussy does to a mf

kaguya13 Dec 16, 2021

Ikr imagine that

rbn1212 Sep 26, 2021

btw there is kakashis face reveal in episode 469

MildProtan Jul 3, 2021

This is about your comment on Danzo. Well of course eliminating the Uchiha clan was to protect the leaf, I think it was very clear in the show that that was the case. If Uchiha were alive they would start a civil war, which would breed further war. Itachi was made to be criminal and joined Akatsuki to spy on them from the inside so yeah, it is to protect the leaf. Shisui's kotoamatsukami was practically useless in that situation, since if you manipulate the leader, you wouldnt kill the message, just as the "Killing Hitler problem", meaning that if you killed young Hitler it wouldnt change anything because nazism would rise on its own. Shisui's eye could only be a threath for the leaf so I can understand his actions even tho I wouldnt have done it. Well eliminating every Uchiha was neccesary since basically every Uchiha was planning a coup. And Danzo didnt kill Uchiha, they killed themselves by planning the coup, basically Fugaku killed the Uchiha clan. The village was in situation to go to war with Uchiha or to destroy them from the inside. As a character he couldve been written a bit better, but I like him because he represents the reality of things in my opinion. He shows that Konoha is not a holy land and doing the dirty work is neccesary, just as in real life.