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Ghost in the Shell 2nd gig is a rather complex story line.  I mean, so much happens it’s amazing I can still remember after watching it like 3 times, but I will try.  In the future, Asian refugees have started to come into Japan, legally, and started to take low paying jobs.  Without Major in Section 9, solving crime has been harder and harder, but behind the scenes, Major is working diligently to discover who is leading the refugees to a growing war.  With glimpses into team members of section 9's past and clues concerning Kuze's (revolutionary war leader) whereabouts, how could anyone want to miss the exhilarating, on-edge, chase to stop the most wanted terrorist.  (Alright for making that up on my own I did pretty damn good.  Watch it and just see how amazing it is yourself.)  The story by far is more interesting than the 1st gig, but im a gun-ho kinda guy so that may be the reason.  In 26 episodes, there is quite a plot here, with corrupt government officials to the revolution, the criminals never cease.  Just take my word for it, it will keep you on your toes the whole time.

Where to begin, begin.  Clear as a crystal is how I would describe everything concerning animation in the sequel.  The action packed series is not without intense explosions and bullet fire.  Everything can be seen clearly and hand to hand fights are freaking awesome.  The movements are spectacular; each fight is, be it hand-to-hand or gun fire, depicts realism and never ceases to amaze me. The artwork/design is just as astonishing as in the first, if not better. They did an overhaul on the character designs and improved their individual outlooks. Motoko is looking even sexier and more lethal especially in the sequel and as one may tell, the designers in no way rushed her figure.

Out of all the soundtracks I've heard in my time, Ghost in the Shell has to be number 1. With cyborg characters, the fast pace Electronic songs or the slow orchestral songs together create a beautiful soundtrack with massive range.  Yoko Kanno being the producer of all the music really pours her soul into these songs.  If you don't like the music then you don't like Ghost in the Shell pretty much.  It's what makes the anime what it is.  With awesome action theme songs, every scene has perfect background music to it. Flawless sound is sure to engrave itself in your memory.  So check out the OST, I’ll bet my cat that you'll be favoriting all the songs on YouTube before you know it.

Being this is the sequel, if you haven't seen the prequel then I don't know why you are reading this.  Leave!  The prequel did a great job in explaining all the characters and who they are.  By now, we all know each and every character and how they all have their own personality.  Motoko is the leader, without the title, who everyone looks up to.  In the 2nd gig, we learn even more about the characters past including the mysterious Motoko Kusanagi.  The characters are displayed perfectly and once again they have no flaws in design.  When called upon, they all work link a well-oiled machine and get "that" much further to completing the mission.  Each character is assigned their own mission and it's interesting to see how each resolves the conflict.  Now don't get me wrong, they have their problems of course (or it wouldn't be the anime that it is) but otherwise they fit into their roles like a leather glove. On another note, Motoko has new outfit and man she can move.  She doesn’t seems as skimpy, which s a good thing.  Like liquid, she defeats all her enemies with precise hits and doesn't waste an ounce of effort. Shes calm and takes control of the situation with ease, an amazing character and one of the best.

Overall this anime is an awesome ride and it’s hard to find a better cyborg/sci-fi anime.  This anime is definitely one of those that can be watched over and over again and it never gets old.  In some cases it needs to be rewatched to understand it what’s going on.  All the characters are extremely likable, the plot draws you in and the music is worthy of looking up.  An extremely incredible series for all you sci-fi, girls with guns, futuristic, action fans and one of those animes that you cannot afford to miss out on.  The future of Japan is a crime infested wasteland, only Section 9 can clean up the mess.  You don't want to miss The Major, Batou, Togusa, Section 9, and the Tachikoma kick some serious ass.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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Funkgun Feb 18, 2010

Nice review mate. 

lol I like telling people who have not seen season 1 to leave. =D