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Lets make this short and sweet shall we.  Being a huge One Piece fan and hanging on to each and every chapter, I can say that I really enjoyed "Wanted!".  There's just that nice feeling about reading something from the mangaka's past.  One Piece as we know of, is in the top 3 mangas for Jump and is extremely popular.  But I beg the question, are the readers ever curious to as how he (Oda) started out?  We that's what "Wanted!" is all about.

It is separated in 5 stories each depicting different "moods" Oda was in and different stories he felt like drawing.  The stories, to me, seemed to progress in detail as the 200 page short came to an end.  All his oneshots that he ever submitted are in here, along with his early ideas that evolved into One Piece.  Most of the characters in OP come from the roots in these short stories. As I was reading, I usually thought, "That guy is a total coward, Usopp", or "A sword and warrior spirit?......ZORO!".  It just clicked.  It would be my guess that if anyone stumbled onto this manga, they read One Piece. But if not, It was written early, so all his ideas were original.  To me, to come up with all these independant stories is just brilliant.  It's good to see what essentially never made the cut and how it helped Oda.

It's just nice to see how the mangaka started out.  I mean, there was a time when he was not as good as he is today.  I've always been curious about it and for being nothing but a couple short stories, It's quite interesting!

8/10 story
7/10 art
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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