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This anime was one of my first romance/slice of life anime i ever watched, i got it recommended by a freind that really is into slice of life anime, he told me that this anime was a great starter anime if i would start watching slife of life/romance. The anime is about a guy named sorata a normal highschool boy who has the bad habit of picking up stray cats and taking care of them. because of that he has to change dorm, so he moves into the dorm called Sakurasou were all the craziest students with the biggest talents live, one day a new female student moves into sakurasou her name is Shiina Mashiro and thats where the story begins. the anime was not only beautiful and amazing but it also got me into the romance and slice of life genres, it completely changed my taste of anime, from shounen to romance and slice of life. its amazing how 1 anime can change all that. tho this anime isnt for everyone, there is far too much fan service  that its almost cringe but well its j.C. Staff so i pretty much expected a soft porn anime such a shame tho... the main character can be quite annoying but that also spices up the drama, some shounen fans may also find it boring, but if you’re slightly into romance or slice of life drama i would tremendously recommend this to you!!! The sad thing is that theres no s2 sadly but you can always read the light novel (wich i would strongly recommend)

i just rewatched it and damn its definitely a great anime

9/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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