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When i started watching Rising of the shield hero i was kinda hyped and couldnt wait for new episodes because of the interesting plot of a "hated" main character and the 4 heroes that got summoned with each of their weapons, i really liked the first episodes and the way he got betrayed by almost everyone near him, but then in the newer episodes they have almost completely skipped the main plot and is just following around the mc with his wagon raccoon girl and bird loli helping random people. at this point the anime has turned into some weird isekai harem anime.

the anime hasnt finished airing so i cant for sure say im completely dissapointed but the way this anime is going is dissapointing.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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LuckyM Jul 30, 2020

Actually, helping all those people ends up playing into the main story line later on, as it plants the seeds for Ren to eventually be open to believing Nalfumi, which allows him to then do what Nalfumi asks which is to investigate the church. Also, the characters he meets are reacuring characters. Due to helping the village of Loot, many people who have relatives from there are willing to befriend him. The seed incident helped to show the flaws that the heros had. Nafumi iven states, "I get it, you trusted it because a hero brought it to you" which puts to perspective the trust they have in the heros, and how when the heros are careless it has real consiquence.

What I mean by this is that, when Nafumi tells Ren and Itsuki that he had to clean up after them, it opened his eyes to the fact that he did care and wasn't heartless. After that encounter how Ren talks to Nalfuni changes to being less hostile. When Mime puts Mell in danger, this gives Ren the last bit of evidence to sugjest that Nafuni might have been set up for the kidnaping.

tripppy08 Jul 7, 2019

well you were right. i completely agree with you. the idea of being hated was rated 5staar by me. by the end of it i rated it 3 and a half. average harem type . 

ThatNibba1 Jun 12, 2019

I agree in the beginning I liked the fact that the main character was hated because it was a new idea. Usually the main character gets lots of praise or just treated pretty well. The change for the treatment of the main character felt different and just made the veiwers feel bad. Now that he really isn't hated anymore and was cleared one of the main thing that made the show good is now gone. Ots not really as interesting now but I guess I'll still watch it to see what new plot they are going to have.