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A lot of(mostly English speaking considering it's the most beloved part in Japan, France, Italy and many others) Jojo fans consider Vento Aureo to be the most forgettable of the jojo parts. This arc experienced the same treatment Diamond is unbreakable got with shitty original scans. I have reread it with the new scans, and I have mixed opinions. 

Story: So let's start right off with the story. The plot of vento aureo has its weak and strong points. It has a quite different feel to it than the earlier parts, seeming more like a mafia-action movie. The story revolves around the son of Dio, born with Jonathan's body, so he's biologically a Joestar, Giorno Giovana. The beginning of the arc is seen through Koichi's perspective, as he is sent by Jotaro to investigate the son of Dio. He is not seen as any sort of threat so they just leave him alone after this. Giorno kills a member of a gang out of self defense and is nearly assassinated by another member Bruno Buccelati. During their battle Gio comes to the conclusion that Buccelati is a good person because of how he was concerned about a kid that was doing drugs sold to him by Buccelati's own gang, passion. After this Gio joins passion and Buccelati's team so they can kill the boss to stop dealing drugs to children and harming innocent people. Later on they are tasked with protecting the boss's daughter and returning her to him, which they see as an opportunity to get close to the boss and kill him. While on this mission many traitors to the gang try to stop them. Well this plot is cool, there were certainly a few holes and the ending was semi underwhelming and very confusing(I've not read the end with better scans yet so keep in mind I'm going off of the shitty ones). I liked the new use of more gun like stands in this part really giving it that, ahem, Gang Star, feel. This part seemed a lot more focused on action than any other part, and well, the action is great. Honest to god a lot of the best fights of the series are right here. But with the glaring holes and questionable ending, the story is not  perfect.

-plot: 7/10 pretty good, but lacking in some areas.

Art: Quite A few of people had a problem with the art for the more... feminine characters, and just more glamorous style. The characters of this part look very different from the earlier designs, with the muscles being drawn differently and flamboyant outfits(seriously Fugo, those aren't clothes). I think the best way to describe the characters is.. bishies. Well, being completely honest, I have a thing for pretty boys so it didn't bother me, but I can see why people didn't like it. being Even so, the art is some of the most stylized there is and everything just fits the setting and story so well. There's also some incredibly graphic imagery. despite being different, it's not bad, it's very good, as always with Araki. The action is always really impressive and the anatomy is still great. 

-art: 9.5/10

Characters: For the characters, I liked that the heroes weren't really heroes and more antiheroes. They were doing the right thing but still gangsters and were more violent than any earlier arc's heroes, not being afraid to kill their opponents and beat up people that may be their enemies. This was a refreshing change. But the thing is some of the characters were.. not the best. The main character Giorno allot of people consider a bit dry. He's like a mix of Jonathan and Dio, with a bit of jotaro. He is noble like Jonathan, a bit sneaky, charismatic and is not afraid to kill like Dio, while being stoic like Jotaro. He was compassionate, but I don't remember him having a very defined personality, he didn't laugh or even smile that often and was very direct. The only thing about him I kinda didn't like was that he really only did anything because "I wanna be gang star" like, I wouldn't say he was uninteresting at all, but I'd like to have seen a bit more of what he was thinking. Also he's the most overpowered character I've ever seen... like ever. But he was really more of a side character to Buccelati, who was pretty awesome. He had a bit of a strange introduction, face licking and all, but he really was interesting. Unlike Gio, I knew clearly who he was and why he did what he did. The next character is Guido Mista, and well, I really liked him. He was pretty funny and a bit of dick. His battles were normally pretty interesting because he almost always ended up shooting himself... yeah I don't know how he survived this long either. Narancia Gihra is okay. I didn't personally like him very much originally, but he kinda grew on me. he has a defined character, he feels inferior to the other team members and is rather easy to piss off. He's got a pretty great backstory too. Oh and that, that, dude looks like a lady! Get it, his stand's name is Aerosmith and he looks like a girl.. no? okay. Leone Abbachio is an okay character, he's the regretful more tragic type character, and is is rather serious, a no nonsense kind of guy. I just wish he was in the story a bit more. Panacotta Fugo is wasted potential. He could have been a cool character, he is a genius and can switch from normal to crazy in a second. But he only got one fight and was completely edited out of the story cause he was too op.(I put more detail into my thoughts on his character on his actual character page) Trish Una, is the boss's daughter. She is mostly just kinda there, it's only till near the end she gets any development. But her development is pretty great, I like her. As for the minor villains, there were some freaking awesome ones, like Prosciutto and Risotto. The villains are far and away some of the most disturbing shown in shounen jump. Diavolo is possibly the weakest link. Which is a major problem seeing as he is the main villain. at first his need to hide his face, always shrouded in mystery was cool, but later on it seemed very cowardly. him wanting to kill anyone who knew his identity and panicking every time he is threatened makes this obvious. His some very confusing abilities as well and how ridiculously outclassed he was in the final battle was just disappointing. Wait, I almost forgot about the best boy Vinegar Doppio, he's the boss's alter ego and he's perfect. All I'm gonna say.

-characters: 7/10 pretty solid, but with a few hiccups.

Overall: This part isn't bad, it was lacking in some areas but it was still good, the ending was not great, and Gio is the most overpowered character I've ever seen. But it still has its moments and some cool characters. For me personally, this is probably the arc I enjoyed reading the most, however, it still has issues.

7/10 story
9.5/10 art
7.5/10 characters
7.8/10 overall

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Kanaron Nov 29, 2016

Well this is my favorite arc, but I can see where you're coming from. I recommend you check out this video on why diavolo wasn't that bad a villain- I'm not trying to change your mind just see another perspective:)