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Hello my fellow basement dwellers!

my life

Hello, I'm the Ice Queen, Katie, and welcome to my profile. Just your average girl from Vancouver Washington. I've been an anime fan for a while, so I've seen quite a few and would consider myself quite the expert. My personal favorite anime/manga is easily jojo's bizarre adventure. I can be a bit cynical, mean, sarcastic, passive agressive or short tempered, but i'm not going out of my way to hurt anyone. I can spot a troll from a mile away. I'm not really looking for followers, but feel free. I love music especially metal, hard rock, punk, just rock in general. Im pretty freaking shallow, one of the main things that will keep me watching an anime is whether or not there's a hot guy, if not I'll just get bored. The only reason why i will say "won't watch" on an anime is because i didn't like the original or scorce material, i like to keep an open mind. I love horror manga, so if you know any good ones, please tell me. I like to link incredibly random videos, don't judge. . I'm a snowboarder, guitarist, aspiring actor, egalitarian, pit bull owner, and cat lover. I'm not just a shut in otaku. Cats are my spirit animal. Pessimistic optimist, outgoing introvert❤️

 poor cat gif

Remember, everyone on the internet is a sociopath, so stay strong and don't listen to their bullcrap. 

Rohan Kishibe 


Things I like in my anime:


sweet romance

dark, serious and mature mood

epic, almost over the top action 

yandere(if they're well written)

some comedy to lighten up the mood 


crazy badass characters 

Claire Stanfield

hot guys🌝


Things I hate in my anime:

misused violence 

ridiculous amount of fillers 


forced, rushed romance 

perfect "can do no wrong" protagonists

nakama powerups(though I normally love the shows this gets annoying)


plot armour stronger than titanium

plot armour

                HOW THE HELL DID SHE SURVIVE THIS?!?!?!

frequent time skips 

overly joyful tones



Name: Katie Mallery 

Birthday: August 12 1995

Hair color: Light brown but I dyed it red

Eye color: Green 

Height: 5'2ft (I'm short, I know)

Pets: 2 American pit bull terriers, Romeo and Daisy, and a leopard gecko, Donnie

Idol: Boa Hancock 

Favorite color: Any shade of red

My Zodiac: Leo

Random Fact: I'm immortal  

 Claire Stanfield 


Favorite  Characters


 weird jojo gif                                   


                                               ~~i rate every anime i watch, this is what my ratings mean~~ 

5- My favorites, absolutly unforgetible, watch over and over until i die, 100% recommend

4.5- Awesome anime, highly recommend.

4- Great anime, really memorable. 

3.5- Pretty good anime, not exactly great, but definetly worth checking out.

3- a good anime, but not exactly ground breaking.

2.5- okay anime that i overall enjoyed, most likely won't watch again, still recommend.

2- mediocre anime, check it out if you want to but i won't recomend it.

1.5- just below a meh, pretty crappy, would recommend you dont watch.

1- made me cringe, really crappy never watch.

0.5- basically satan just completely irredeemable

                          TRULY ART, ONLY RESPECT FOR THIS MAN                                                                                                  



to aru, kuroko

                 THIS IS ME ON THE INTERNET


 if you can't tell, i really like putting gifs in my profile.

accelerator and last order

 Sorry if you leave a comment and I don't get back to you immediately, I'm a slow responder.


(PP: Jack Merridew- Lord Of the Flies, Banner:Jojo's bizarre adventure)

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Gray404 Oct 25, 2022

This person is offline since 2019 August, what's with the traffic? 

yuriblackwell12 Jul 4, 2022

This is not the final arc of bleach  , i mean we have  the hell arc now 

Sirscaredyclaude May 27, 2022

Hello miss! So what do you find interesting about Tenchi?

Hak Mar 25, 2022

I hope you’re okay.

OsumarefromMAL Feb 13, 2022

Lmao I saw what you said about Kayaba from SAO, and yeah that was one of my biggest issues with the show. All the things he could've said or have a reason to do what he did, and he just goes "I forgot" or whatever like bruh. Making him a poorly written version Sephiroth would've been far better than having him be clueless on why he decided to cause the deaths of thousands of people. What a waste of a character that had a little bit of potential to be a unique villain. The saddest thing is that infamous Kayaba scene isn't even that bad anymore after a certain series's manga ended with the person in it that commits a massive crime going "idk opps" after asked about the massive crime they did. Smh.