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Anime For Working Adults

A list of my fave shows about ppl with grown-up jobs, cuz I relate to this way more than any highschool show.

Bully Me for my Bad Takes

What's up? Here are some popular shows that I absolutely despise, tell me how trash my taste is.

Favorite Fantasy Anime

My personal faves in that sort of "sword and sorcery" fantasy genre. No particular order!

Feel Good Anime

These are the shows that make me consistently laugh or smile, listed in no particular order or ranking

Mecha Shows You Need to See

A list of my favorite mecha anime

Sadboi Hours

Did you forget how to have feelings? Well here are the anime I watch when I need to become human again and cry a bunch while downing a small bucket of ice cream.

Top Ten Faves

These are the anime that, for good or for worse, I just love more than anything else. No particular order.