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Hey guy nice to meet you, i'm kenz so glad to see my profile, hope you will be good friend for me!!

Ogey! i can't waiting for this, if i having time to watching some good or bad anime, check my schedule now!

in next week before i taking a break for the whole week!

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: watching some good anime or bad anime!

Wednesday and Friday: watch some new anime or sequel anime or rest

Saturday and Sunday: sorry bro, i need to rest for watching hololive or just watch anime

Next top name anime: attack on titan in after christmas!

I watching anime to 300 in this year: 300/ 300

I collect 120 hot wheels cars: 110+ / 120

Bought a new smartphone or computer

cutest doggo, our beloved piratepsychopath idol, devilish angel, mad dog onionadidas lion, tako's backcivilization towl and twin doggos was my favorite vtuber, especially senchou and fuwamoco is my beloved!

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Kaeseolin Nov 23, 2023

Hello Kenz! Hope you're doing good.

By the way, which anime are you currently watching now?

Kaeseolin Jun 16, 2023

Omg, you changed your username, nice :)

I see that your bio says 'Kagura-sama'. It's spelled 'Kaguya' and not 'Kagura'. Change it.

Kaeseolin Aug 18, 2022

Hello! Thank you for following me, and it was my pleasure. So you're coming back to Anime-Planet... finally. Well, it took you so long enough, really? Btw, I love your Towa Tokoyami profile picture and banner, she's so cute! 😊 :)

Have a good weekend! 🤗 :)

thenfsheat4127 Jun 26, 2022

yeah sooooooooooooooo CUTEEEEE

Kaeseolin Mar 7, 2022

Well, I was taking a break and I actually read your profile, and it's so amazing.

You can just call me Kathy if you want to, then remember my friends as followers.

If you want to ask me for a follow, then I will surprise you. 😘 :)