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Any comments I leave on character pages are up for respectful discussion. To contact me elsewhere, please use Discord (Shio#4268) or Personality Database (Lilith in Taurus). Thank you!

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66Jesgre Jul 27, 2022

You're an okay person. I never even had a grudge against you or anything, I was just wanted to hear of your opinion of Issei was all.

66Jesgre Jul 27, 2022

 Despite the fact that you like Quinella and hate Issei, Rias and Inori. You're someone I can get along with.

Rookblonkorules Jul 13, 2022

Unfortunately, that's pretty common, I think. Plenty of characters who are terrible people get the 'pretty privilege' treatment where their flaws won't even get acknowledged.

Rookblonkorules Jul 13, 2022

No problem- I can definitely understand being more generous in an assessment of Kaori since she's a child, but yeah, now that the similarities are more obvious to me, it seems like the parallels between her and Saki are pretty deliberately placed so I do wonder how more of us don't notice...

Rookblonkorules Jul 12, 2022

Hey, I just saw your comment on Kaori's character- back when I first started reading Your Lie in April, I really liked her character, but now that I've picked it back up, it's actually kind of disturbing how there's a double standard between her and Saki. While I can understand holding Saki to a higher standard as an adult, it still doesn't make sense to justify Kaori when their circumstances are very similar. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I appreciated your comment- it was well thought out and well-written.