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Btw it is a harem very similar to the quintessential quintuplets(with the romance especially is extreamily similar)
and i love the characters the main character is probably the one of the best ive seen out there.

short summery: basically the mc is living with 3 girls and 2 guys (Not including the mc) all 3 of the girls like him. (btw: the 2 guys are good guys not bad guys so dont worry about that)

but one day the main character yuu finds out that his house mates are actually live streamers and they want him to keep quiet about it, and the main character and his house mates basically build their relationship as friends and build their romance.

some questions you might have:

are there any love triangles between the guys in the house: no not as of right now from what ive read 

is it dramatic or wholesome: it leans more on the wholesome side

why would i read it: you guys might want to read it for the characters, because the characters really make this manga unique

explaining my rating:

the story is a 5 nothing special in the story its very wholesome nothing much else

the art is a 8 the art is amazing the facial expressions really bring out the emotions of the character 

the characters is a 8 the characters are amazing tho i didnt put it as a 10 because there is a scketchy character that i cant just trust yet but maybe in the future i will

overall is a 6 tho i put art and characters as an 8, that really only slighly effects what i overall think of this manga, the story was cute but there are some parts of the manga that were plain weird and could have been fixed with just a simple conversation (especially the misunderstanding). and sometimes some parts can be really plain

5/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
6/10 overall

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