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       I wouldn't say that I am a die-hard always first in line, Anime kind of person. But i do hold a deep passion for Anime. I find it enormously wonderful to watch so many kinds of Anime without limitation. If I had to say I pretty much like all kinds of Anime theres not really, a kind of Anime that I partically hate so much. I do have plenty I dislike yes, but I have even more that I love!

I'm usually online pretty much everyday since I'm such a fanatic so feel free to talk to me to message me or even just say hi! I love the community here and would love to be friends with anyone who wishes to be one! Have a good recommendation? THEN TELL ME! I'm all ears my friends.

Right now my two grand Anime goals are to watch over 1,000 different Animes in any form or fashion to the end. and finally my all-time most important Anime goal is also part of my bucket list. To spend an entire year of my life as a human watching Anime. That includes rewatches and new ones. I'll do this everyday though not just because I want to reach that goal but also because of my great passion for Anime.




The drama kept me on the edge of my seat. Clannad was THE FIRST ANIME THAT I CRIED TO! I cried several times and was completely absorbed in the series. After it was finally all done, I felt like a different person, lighthearted, joyful, and felt like I had just reached a enormous point in my life. From that day on I have continued to watch Anime and will continue doing so for a very long time.

<-------------------------Moving on to MIDORI DAYS!!------------------------------------->



Truely a remarkable story, a true inspiration of a classic Anime. This is the Anime that started it all for me and I will never forget it as its one my most favorites. Midori Days is the first Anime that I have ever watched completely through and through, and unlike other Anime's at its time, this one was ACTUALLY GOOD! A young boy wakes up to find that his right hand has been replaced with the body of a young girl, who happens to be madly in love with him. Although the feeling isn't mutual and now they must learn to live a life together while trying not to expose their secret to anyone else along the way they grow closer together and their feelings eventually reach each other as they discover what true love really means. Full of Action, Comedy, Romance, and other things...... *wink* this Anime is literally something that anyone can enjoy.



<-----------------------------------ANGEL BEATS!--------------------------------

I bet you didn't know that the same people who made my favorite anime Clannad are also the same people who made Angel Beats! Yes of course I didn't see the whole part of not being able to die and the characters constantly getting killed. The Characters themselfs though are amazing! I love their personallities and the way they perceve the world and its going ons! (More like a cruel comedic side).

but what hit me the most was the ending....... NO SPOILERS HERE! I will say though that I stayed up to almost 1 on a school night finishing the heartstopping last episode. Just like Clannad, it will throw your heart around very strongly the feeling that you get from emerssing yourself as the main characters KYAAA!!!!!! *cough* excuse me. Like I said earlier if you loved clannad you will love Angel Beats! Just as much, if not even more!

The Music from this Anime is also extremely HIGH QUALITY for an Anime who's main storyline doesn't mainly involve music and this band is at the heart of it all.


5 Stars (Rare) - I try my very best to not give this rating out lightly when I can, afterall the best of the best should be reserved for the select few no doubt. Hopefully at the time you are reading this it isn't too populated, but at the same time if it is then that is also good. Animes that have recieved this rating are Animes that go above and beyond the point of just being fantasic, or extremely great. This is the superior world class Anime that has proven that its worthy of 5 stars either by having all parts of it come together to near perfection or having some build up that leads to some dramatic climax that blows you and/or your mind and/or heart away completely and leaves you speechless. There is no such thing as "perfect" but these Animes are about the closest things you will find that live up to the word.

4.5 Stars (Common) - There is good, and then there is REALLY GOOD. This isn't the "worth watching" rating this is the "must watch" rating. The ratings here symbolise something that is above average, something that is more than worth your time to watch and enjoy. You might even see something you have never experienced before. This list will usually consist of Animes with unusual or unique themes and/or characters that you have never thought of before or haven't seen. Even if it is something that you have seen before, the execution of the show itself delievers itself in a way that blows your mind and makes you smile or even cry before you realize it. 

4 Stars (MOST Common) - This is the most common rating I give to most Anime's out there, you could call this average if you would like but thats not how I see it. Average isn't the term I would use to describe this rating but rather "worth watching". Its fun, its interesting, and I watched it to the end with ease and I didn't think it was a waste of time by the time I was done with it. These Animes may not really blow your mind or sway your heart, but they will also not bore you either. There are more than likely more than a few notable parts within this show that will likely really entertain you (in all sense of the word to which in particular this applies to each Anime) till the end. You could call this rating, not too hot not too cold... just right.

3.5 Stars (Common) - This is what I would like to call the "something feels off" rating. Its rating should signal the line between "worth watching" and "not worth watching". If your seeing a rating like this on a show then its "Average" and by that I mean it lives up to an Anime shows standards. Its niether good or bad, it simply just exists which isn't necessarilly a bad thing but isn't a good thing either. Afterall while you could say that a series like this doesn't do anything bad to Anime it doesn't necessarily do it any justice either. If you see an Anime with this kind of rating I wouldn't be in any kind of rush to watch it, take your time and decide if you think you actually want to watch it.

3 Stars (Rare) - If 3.5 was the line between good and bad, then 3 is definately bad. Even though its listed as bad its far from the worst among those bad ratings below and simply the tip of the iceburg. However, just because its the tip doesn't mean its good either. There wasn't something questionable about this Anime like before, you could actually see it by looking normally. There are flaws within the show big enough for the veteran watchers to spot with ease. They aren't everywere but they exist and we see them many times, and as a result it ends up dragging the show as a whole down with it. Perhaps there are some interesting parts within the show that are worth noting, but those few and maybe small flaws within the show just bring it all down together and kill any momentum the show had going for it at any point. These shows are the "not worth watching" part and would definately recommend second guessing whether or not you actually want to watch this show; its probably not worth your time, however its not the worst you could be watching.

2.5 Stars (Very Rare) - Its starting to get ugly. Before there were a few questionable things that were dragging down the Anime, however its at this point that there is no question or doubt in the mind that the things you see in an Anime with this rating are bad. I might of been able to convince myself before that the things I was seeing weren't as bad as they seemed to be, but this time for this kind of Anime there is no doubt. Its bad, and for pretty obvious reasons. Bad character development, poor storytelling, a lack of motivation within the voice actors. Whatever flaw a show has will become very apparent very quickly even to the newest of Anime watchers out there. Shows with this rating are fundamentally flawed, and unintentially desgined to fail, and by my advice are simply not worth your time or effort to spare on them.

2 Stars (Rare) - Its getting ugly, no it is already ugly at this point. There aren't just a few things that are bad anymore, there are many things that are simply awful about shows with this rating. The same thing applies as with the 2.5 rating only much worse. Don't waste your time here watching this show.

1.5 Stars (Very Rare) - Its at this point that the show actually starts to mentally harm you, shows at this point were created with the possible intention of being complete failures. No structure no future, wing it and close your eyes and hope for the best only to know that there is simply no hope for this show or its future.

1 Star (MOST Rare) - If your still reading this far know this, this should be the automatic sign that tells you to click away from the show. There is no question, there is no doubt; any shows with this rating beyond any and all hope of saving them. They were created with the purpose of failure and to cause mental harm to any and all people who watch it. Its at this point that the average viewer watches a show like this and thinks "I could actually do much better, and I dont even know the first thing about making an Anime". Yeah its absolutely awful in pretty much everything related to this, but much to your despair it can still get worse.

0.5 Stars (Very Rare) - It just got worse, this is the worst. Opposide of perfection, ally to no one but failure, this is by far some of the most pathetic piece of garbage you will ever see in this genre. Its at this point that its no longer recognized as an Anime by anyone other than a dictionary. It was destined for failure the moment the first idea was concieved, it never had any hope and never had any future from the moment it was born. Even the creators no matter how smart or stupid they were could never be proud of this Anime nor would ever speak of it again if given the chance. There is no hope, no light, there is only despair here.

(Note that these are all just my OPINIONS they are not in anyway completely true. However this is my profile thus, by being here you wana know more about me thus wanting to know more about my views on certain Anime. So there you have it!)

That is all for the "Rating System" Enjoy the last portion of this extremely long profile! <3

Most famous quotes in life.

 1.    "..."

 2.    "There is no such thing as luck, just skill and good timing."

 3.    "Hard work and effort will always overcome natural talent and skill."

 4.    "Being sad is a waste of time, there is a far more productive way to use your time. Like finding happiness."

 5.    "If its a choice between burning you crispy or not I WANT IT EXTRA CRISPY!!!"

 6.    "Never argue with an idiot, because they will drag you down to their level and beat              you with experience."

 7.    "Life logic!"

 8.    "Game logic!"


 10.   "I do what I do best, which is doing nothing most of the time."

*THE TRIPLE H RULE!* (that I made)

Honesty - Learn to be true to others and yourself.

Humility - Learn to know that bragging is not a way to exhibit one's strengths.

Honor - Learn to understand the feelings and intentions of other people and respect them for their way of life and how they choose to live it. 

Thank-You very much for reading this.

<--------------------------------------ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!---------------------------------->

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