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Lore Olympus

Jan 8, 2022

I really like this web series. I feel it's done really well. Personally, I feel it handles trauma and abuse very well. I do not think the entire story centers around it, but instead, it shows how someone struggles with and recovers from trauma and can build meaningful relationships despite it. I like how it adds in that sometimes your friends are friends with your abuser and how difficult that can be. It does a very good job expressing every character's feelings, emotions, and background in a nuanced manner. However, I do feel the characters are too flat. Each fits into a stereotypical role in the story are almost never breaks free from it. They have the same qualities from start to finish and that can be a little boring. There is no character development and they don't change much. I love the art I think it is very well done and I like how the author chooses to have the characters one color, it's quite fun and interesting. I think she does a good job with it. I would like to see some more variation in body types, that is starkly missing from this webtoon. 

Side note: Why is this on anime planet? It is not a manga. 

10/10 story
9/10 art
8/10 characters
10/10 overall
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