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Animated by Studio Arms, and directed by Kujou Rion, both of which have made nothing but porn-related works. This show is no exception; it is heavy on fan service, has ecstatic in its title, and the main picture shows one guy and many chicks. Plus it is the adaptation of a light novel, so it doesn’t take a genius to tell it won’t be a mature show about the meaning of life.

Let’s start by something easy; the production values are average to bad for their time. Half the time I felt like I was watching a low budget hentai; dull animation and cookie cutter characters defined only by hair colour and boob size. The soundtrack is also nothing but forgettable songs. There are supposed to be some famous voice actors in it but I sure didn’t give a damn if they all sound like retards with the material they were given.

The story is about this guy who was magically transported to another world, where he became an RPG hero and defeated the king of demons even before the show begins. He finds a portal to return home but decides to take with him the demon’s daughter in order to protect her from all the people who would hold a grudge against her. Back in his world he is enrolled in the special school for all kids with superpowers and has the girl pretending to be his sister. And since this is a no-brainer show we are not supposed to ask why his parents didn’t run to see their son safe and sound or why is transportation to other worlds taken so lightly. As I said, it is a heavy on fan service show, so you must enjoy it just for that and not for anything else. All I have described above are just the excuse; they barely elaborate or flesh out the whole transport to other worlds theme. The plot is BS and all you get is basically excuses for the protagonist to look awesome while dealing with high-schoolers who are too high on hormones and keep looking for excuses to molest a girl or pick a fight with the protagonist.

The protagonist is memorable for being a parody of RPG heroes. He has reached epic levels from his fight with the demon king and has learned some really ridiculous powerful skills, such as removing underwear from girls in a fraction of a second or making them pee for the lulz. He is not a wuss like most protagonists these days and treats women only as f**k holes. Other than that he is blunt, uninteresting, and named after the villains in that gay show called Naruto. The demon’s daughter is supposed to be a tragic character for having to hide her identity and rebuild her life, but as I said the show barely tries to flesh out the theme of the story. Thus she is treated mostly as a sperm bucket with a rack that never seems to fit in clothes. Thus it’s impossible to sympathize with her; plus her name is like the sound of a cat. The rest of the characters are nothing much; the girls are treated as cosplaying whores, while the boys are just jerks who want nothing else but to fight. Literally, there is nothing memorable about them despite the occasional sloppy attempts at drama and fleshing out.

In a similar way every single thing that is going on in this show is just a poor excuse for fan service. Trust me when I say they are learning nothing in that school, the teachers are useless, and it’s just a bunch of horny teenagers finding pitiful excuses to blow shit up and molest others just for the heck of it. So basically every episode is about the protagonist shamelessly molesting girls who instead of reporting him literally fall for him, and boys who want to compare their peckers with the protagonist. Any drama or plot that sometimes tries to pop up is forgotten as soon as the next underwear flies off in the air. And the ending is not even an ending but rather a warm-up for a second season that never came. Yes, it was yet another infomercial for selling more novels instead of a proper adaptation.

As a whole there is nothing to see here; just another forgettable no-brainer show. I must admit that it’s at least good for its fan service. It is bordering a softcore hentai at times, with a protagonist who is one step away from a rapist, and that makes it more interesting that the usual crap we get in harems. The boobs are never censored and there are even some scenes of sexual foreplay. Other than that it’s complete garbage and if you try to watch it for any other reason you are going to hate it.

2/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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randomguy87 Aug 13, 2022

What were you expecting?

kidkonseptual Sep 27, 2012

Just finished watching this and I agree, it was mostly garbage. For me production values in anime are never a make or break deal, unless of course the anime is this one. The overall premise I found interesting, but lack of execution, including the murdering of all the characters I found uninteresting.