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So, I Can't Play H!

Sep 6, 2012

At first I thought from the title of the show that is was some sort of social drama regarding poor NEETs who couldn’t score or play erogames, but turns out it is something entirely different. Not for the best though.

- Animated by Feel, a studio that makes only shitty ecchi anime.
- Directed by Takahashi Takeo, the guy who also did the somewhat nice Spice and Wolf, but is otherwise just another guy deep into passable ecchi titles.
- Based on a light novel, which means a light story. And in this case, just another Shana clone.
Just from the get-go, you already know it will be a dumb story full of ecchi that you will be watching for the fan service.

Ok guys, it’s based on a light novel, so there is an 80% probability it will have characters and plot almost identical to that of Shakugan no Shana. Not that Shana was the first anime with that formula (that praise goes to 3X3 Eyes) but it is the one that established it back in the good old days when anime were good and initiated a long line of copycats just because it made a million bucks.

And indeed this is yet another such clone. It even came out at around the same time Campione, and Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero did and you clearly see it’s the same thing with slight variations. And the problem is that they all don’t have a loli tsundere voiced by Rie Kugimiya, neither amazing production values. Well, the artwork is good if your expectations don’t go beyond lots of milk cows and random things exploding and clothes ripping apart without hurting the female skin beneath. Other than that, there is nothing eye catchy besides lots of low quality visual effects and done to death school sceneries. In a similar way, the soundtrack is not bad if you have no problem with mediocre pop you won’t give a damn about after it’s all over. As I said, nothing stands too much so in order to sell they just throw in EXCESSIVE FAN SERVICE.

The plot is quite basic, even for a Shana clone. Some guy has some power, some fiery redhaired slut wants it, sexual tension builds up, and monsters attack. The only thing that stands out is simply the huge sex drive the protagonist has, which is used as a power up for the tsundere. I mean, really, this guy is as horny as it gets, he never misses the chance to say sleazy stuff to pretty girls or jump to grab some skin. This automatically makes him a hundred times better than your typical wimp protagonist of modern anime and half as good as a decent anime character with depth and maturity.

Oh well, better than nothing. I like the idea of how he must be turned on every time they are going to fight but never climax while battling so his empowerment won’t drop to zero. Man, that’s one of the worst tortures know to man, lol. Of course like all running jokes it eventually gets old, since he is after boobs every five minutes and never actually has any sex.

The only other two characters that stand out are his childhood friend, dash, girl next door, which is shy and has a humongous rack but otherwise feels very secured and comfortable being next to a deviant bastard who doesn’t miss the chance to dehumanize her gender. The second one is, of course, the redhaired slut who is after his libido in order to be a stronger fighter, as she is looking for yet another special person in his school. For that reason alone she puts up with enough sexual harassment to be sentenced to castration by most courts in the world. She too of course likes him. I guess the females in this show deserve to be treated as rape targets if they only dig such types of males.

In a similar fashion all the antagonists in the show are after the hornyness of the protagonist as means to beat the tsundere, and they are all conveniently pretty chicks who don’t miss the chance to whore-ify themselves in order to… steal his energy source. And yes, I know this is just guilty pleasure but it sure does not make any of the characters sympathetic or developed in any significant way.

Anyways, this is obviously a dumb show you will watch for the porn aspect of it. Every episode is just some poor excuse for some bimbos to have a catfight where their clothes shred all too easy, and the protagonist saving the day by getting horny and molesting them; the end. Oh, and typically everything they trash in a battle gets magically corrected afterwards, so there isn’t even any repercussions for whatever you do in this show. Meaning, the protagonist saves the world daily, has the fun of his life when groping girls, entire buildings get trashed, monsters attack, and nothing changes by the end of the day, besides needing to seriously ejaculate from all this shit. The perfect escapism show where you run away from responsibilities.

As usual, it turns a bit darker and more serious towards the end but by then you have lost all interest and respect for the show, so it doesn’t matter in any significant way. Instead of feeling dramatic it looks like a completely ridiculous attempt at making something nice out of something trashy. In all, it is a throw away anime you will watch only if you are really bored and want something very contrived and brainless.

3/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall

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paulrenxan Sep 17, 2012

I loved this review, I laughed my ass off reading it. Haha

Llamamoe Sep 7, 2012

Props to you for watching more than one episode. I couldn't.