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Digimon Adventure 02

May 13, 2012

This is the second Digimon season and most of its elements have remained the same as in the first. Please read my review on the first season before reading this one since I will only be mentioning the differences between the two.

The production values are of the same quality. They have a few improvements in the 3D effects as they less crude. The music themes are variations of the first season.

The story picks up a few years later where the first team of kids have grown up a bit and most are replaced with a newer generation and of course newer Digimons. This time there are evil humans siding with evil Digimons and again plan to invade the human world, so the kids decide once again to protect both worlds. The scriptwriters tried to be a bit more mysterious and character-centered in the sequel, which helped a bit to make both the plot and the story more complicating. Each character has now more personality and things going on in his/her life, so they feel more realistic. At the same time though they went easy with the adventure and the occasionally scary elements, so it feels much lighter and cheerier. This took out a lot from the atmosphere and the excitement off the first instalment.

The newer generation simply lacks the charisma of the first one, as they don’t seem to be takings their roles seriously for most of the show. They act like they are going for a picnic rather than trying to save the world. Even the whole adventure and mystery are underplayed since they can come in and out of the Digiworld whenever they please, so the feeling of fear and anxiety of the first season is gone.

While they could have been an overall better cast than the first season, the scriptwriters did the mistake of relying too much on cameo appearances of the older cast. Instead on focusing on the main characters, they kept throwing in as guest stars the older heroes. Even after they were over with them, they chose to bring in dozens of other minor characters (other teams of kids with Digimons from other countries) instead of fleshing out the main heroes. As a result, everybody feels undeveloped and uninteresting. Too many characters, too little focus on each one.

As a result, despite the second season trying to be more variable and epic, it only ended up losing focus and passing by as a mostly mediocre children’s show, inferior to the first season.

P.s. I will add here some info about what happens in the rest of the movies and OVAs, since I don’t plan on making a review about them.
- The pilot episode happens before the first season and shows the first time the kids see Digimons fighting in their world.
- The first movie picks up immediately after the ending of the first season. The evil the kids defeated is just replaced with another evil Digimon, that grows in power very fast.
- The second movie picks up immediately after the ending of the second season. The evil the kids defeated in the first movie is back a thousand-fold and threatens to destroy the digital interface of the world.
- The third movie picks up immediately after the ending of the second movie. A weird Digimon appears and makes destined children to disappear worldwide. The kids try to find it, help a kid that lost its Digimon and save the children. It turns out the kid is actually the creator of the ever-present movie villain Diabolomon (this guy doesn’t know when to quit).

5/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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