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May 10, 2012

This anime is remembered by most as “The Chobits” clone. Which is not the full truth, as in reality it is the hybrid clone of Chobits AND an old American sci-fi series called Alien Nation. Take the plot of the first and the setting of the second and PRESTO, this pops up.

For those not familiar with what I’m talking about, it’s about alien slaves crash-landing on Earth and seeking acceptance in human society, while one of them is found naked by a male teenager, who immediately takes her in his home. The premise is not bad actually; we get plenty of openings for something great to come out from this.
-The aliens having a hard time integrating into society
-The aliens facing racial persecution
-Having a romance bloom between the alien girl and the human boy
-Having that mystery of the alien queen revealing something major about the spaceship
-Having the alien masters coming to Earth in order to take back their ship and slaves.
-Sex, sex, and some sex more.
-Heck, the story was even implying that the aliens were created to LOVE being slaves and yearn for the affection of their masters, creating a sort of addiction to obedience and emotional support, of which a hundred different aspect of this issue could be looked upon.

And yet we get practically squat as usual, since such anime simply don’t give a rat’s ass about the story. They just try to hook you with an interesting idea before firing away the same repetitive jokes and erotic situations, copy-pasted from the book of clichés. It is really sad how such a great premise gets trashed because such anime assume that progress is death. Seriously, harems and ecchis are afraid to offer progress because they aim to trap the viewer in a frozen state of wooziness and NOT to tell a story which may make him feel uneasy or dissatisfied with how things turned out, like OOH HE DIDN’T CHOSE MY FAVORITE GIRL or OOH SHE IS NOT VIRGIN ANYMORE; SHE IS A SLUT and other affiliated notions of progress-phobicness. For that reason, all those openings I was referring to above NEVER HAPPEN.

What we have here is practically storyless episodes with a vague excuse for cute girls to surround a dorky male and for silly reasons to undress and hit each other in retaliation. Heck, it is a show where girls are created to be gorgeous and obedient, wearing slave collars and in constant need to be ordered around by someone, not minding any mistreatment like being let to sleep only in a closet. And that is pretty much all of it. One could of course be satisfied with all that and claim I am being weird for demanding something that the genre is doing as it should. Well, that’s the thing, I have seen many harems and ecchis and they are all copy-pasting the same stuff. So it is not weird to expect each one of them to have something unique in order to like them. For example, why would I like this show?
-The premise is identical to older shows like Chobits and Alien Nation or has been done again later in other titles like Bombshells in the Sky and District 9; all of which seem far more interesting.
-The erotic comedy is nothing much; in fact it is rather low-toned.
-The cast and the story are completely lacking development; thus easily become boring.
-The ending is not resolving anything important and it clearly is not solid as the alien queen is not looked upon at all.
-For a show where the girls are running around in skimpy clothes and beg to do your every bidding, there is no sex going on at all. And don’t tell me that is not what I should be thinking while watching this.

The only good thing I can find in this anime is the animation, which is quite good in terms of liveliness and coloring. The animation studio which made it is a minor one called Daume, whose most famous works include Le Portrait de Petite Cossette, Minami-ke, and Shiki. Fan service aside (which is mostly boobs, tight clothes, cosplaying, and slave collars than nude or underwear) it is still nice to look at if your expectations ain’t too high. The sound part is hard to judge because there are too much high-pinch and stupid pop songs going around to properly appreciating the work voice actors gave to it. I guess it is also ok if you like such stuff. The opening song is ear-catchy if you can tolerate the munchkins that sing it.

Bottom line, this is not a good anime. It is not even average… Ok, it is shit.

3/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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