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Warning to readers: This is a meta-review targeted mostly at people who consider it good. Do not view this text as an attack to your integrity or something because the show itself is an attack to your common sense and feelings and I am just counterattacking it by using the same method. Also, the review covers both seasons.

This is another case of a show trying to mask its shallowness with a serious premise and once again hundreds of people are biting the lure. Busyness as usual. Let me start with some cold-hearted facts that many of you readers haven’t realized or don’t want to admit to, probably because you don’t like the idea of your escapism shows regarding reality to be so damn fake.
- Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (made by the same studio) is NOT an awesome serious show about otakus being accepted as normal people by the non-otakus. It is fan catering nonsense bordering incest and fascination over porn games.
- Yosuga no Sora is NOT an awesome serious show about true brother/sister love. It is fan catering nonsense which go as far as resetting the story every few episodes as means to have the lead male having sex with everybody. NOT just his sister.
- Bakuman is NOT an awesome show about how to become a great mangaka. It is fan catering nonsense about a guy who has everything going rosy in his life and even getting a girlfriend out of someone who he never spoke to in his all life because DESTINY DEMANDS IT. Plus, it is patting at Jump Shounen fans too obviously.

In the same way, Haganai (short for what this shitty show is called) is NOT a show about making friends. Seriously, where the hell do you see the educational aspect in this show? It is fan catering nonsense about some anti-social people gathering in a room and playing porn games all day long, while insulting one another with overused boob size jokes. Very social and helpful indeed. It is also about cosplaying to fit in as many fetishes as possible in the same character. Yeah, that’s how you make friends. Nobody ever thought of, I don’t know, trying to talk to other people in an honest way helps? Nope, five minutes and they all give up trying to not be viewed as a misinterpreted stereotype and head on to become a different stereotype. One defined by boob size, hair colour, and uniform fetishes. Oh yeah, the depth is oozing out of their ears.

Now before you go apeshit about realism in anime not being important, I can always turn this boomerang back at you by saying “it is about a realistic problem” at which point you can only defend by saying you like the PREMISE of the show but not its presentation. Yes, admitting it is superficial is the only way out. And even in the weird case you do not admit and claim it is a realistic and very educational anime because it is your opinion and thus you can do anything you like (duh) then I am afraid once again you can be proven wrong by simply mentioning two other older anime.
- Welcome to the NHK is a very bold take on the lives of NEETs and hikikomoris of Japan. It delves into their deepest and darkest problems and goes as far as depicting mass suicide, pyramid scams, and drug-like dependence on games, all of which are presented as NEGATIVE!
- Genshiken is about a group of otakus making a club as means to find common grounds in their hobby. It also occasionally shows the negative part of their hobbies by making them act deviant and wait in hours in comikets.

Well this anime doesn’t try to show the negative aspect of being an anti-social. I mean, that is the main conflict of the series, right? Being anti-social is bad and you need friends. In the contrary, it is presenting it as cool. The lead male is scary for having a scary face and that is all to it. The main blonde female is scary because she has big boobs. Others are gothic lolitas and loli nuns. Do you see any ugly people? Do you see anybody dressing in a bad kitsch way? Do you see pimples, acme, fatsos, cross-eyed, crooked-teethed amongst them? NO! That is not anti-social; it is totally standard ecchi comedy stereotypes thousands of otakus go crazy about. So by simple deduction THEY ARE NOT ANTI-SOCIAL AND HAVE NO CONTEXT! The story is a lame excuse for fan catering with the stupid excuse of dealing with anti-social people.

If you just look at Princess Jellyfish, a similar show that aired a few months before this one you will clearly see how the anti-social women in the story REALLY look bad and REALLY act scared of other people (especially hipsters). You were made to believe and care about them, something that this show lacks completely.

I find absolutely nothing worthy in terms of story and the core concept is hardly looked into. Furthermore, the actual plot was further ruined with filler material not present in the anime, which happens to be far less funny and interesting than the core story. The ending is also never to be seen and all you get is a revelation that feels completely retarded. Since when does letting your hair to grow long makes you a completely different and unrecognizable character? I will tell you how; only if they are so generically drawn that they are defined JUST BY THAT!

I find absolutely nothing worthy in terms of characters. They are all generic-looking, shallow cardboards, defined by their sexual deviance and body/uniform fetishes. Frankly speaking it is nothing but a poor attempt to make the otakus feel a connection to this problem before they keep watching the same shit as always. You know, in the same way all harems have pussy protagonists everybody hates but they are otherwise the archetype most of the target audience identifies with easier.

The production values are good on a superficial artwork level; there is moe and sexy uniforms all over the place. But the poor animation, as well as the complete lack of cinematics and artistic overtones makes it an overall standard presented anime with a forgettable OST. Seriously, I am looking at it and I see nothing but overused generic school grounds, overused generic character figures, and overused generic videogame parodies. Nothing to make it stand out from all the rest MOEMOEMOE FLOOD shows out there.

As for all of you who will just try to view the series as an average ecchi comedy, you will again be disappointed. There hardly is any nude or erotic moments and everything is about few lines of vulgar speech and focus on dress fetishes, like maids and swimsuits. NOTHING MORE! You can find ten times more in a standard ecchi comedy. This is just another poor excuse to get fascinated over buying otaku-related merchandise; which, trust me, will NOT help you make more friends. In fact, you may even lose the ones you already have.

As for the whole “making friends” concept that so many people thought it’s so amazing and original and spam 10s all over the place? It is forgotten in a few episodes and afterwards it is just excuses for cosplay and comedy. You can find more serious and elaborate mechanics in a typical shounen series, where the hero makes friends out of the people he beats up. It works better than playing porn games all day and bitching at your co-player being a “sperm bucket”.

Educational anime my butt; it’s retarded fan catering nonsense for people without any expectations.

3/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall

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WonderofU129 Dec 17, 2021

Hiya just wanted to say that you should change readers to watchers  since it's an anime  don't care about the review since not gonna watch the anime lol

BlYnT Jul 18, 2021

Common sense says if you like something its good. Seems you lack common sense though. Also just because shows are fan seevicey doesnt mean the whole plot is invalidated. I understand your angle but were your saying is an extreme exaggeration and is innacurate. 

meowmixgypsy Feb 28, 2013

Am I the only one who like his reviews? Granted they can be sort of harsh, but he always makes valid points. I'd rather go into an anime not expecting much and being wowed, then go in expecting greatness and only being let down by irritating little details.

Sakux Jan 9, 2013

My opinion of anime is more or less what Calahan said. It's good to be harsh in the reviews, because it means that you know what really good can anime be, and if you see an anime that the only thing the creators want is to attract people using ecchi or main characters that being as much as stupid they can be, all the girls go after him; you have to give your opinion about it, to help people understand that anime is art, not only porn cartoons (as people think). Animes like welcome to the N.H.K. demonstrate that (I mean an example of art).

I watched the 3 first episodes, but when the characters started to play hentai games, I could understand how would continue afterwards.