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And here I thought only cats had many lives. This anime is here to elucidate that even rabbits have this trait. But you know what? You don’t need to waste 7 hours of your precious life (much less 7 lives) on a show that was made to be a throwaway from its inception. From the feeble premise, to the generic plot, the stock characters, the tired ecchi jokes, and the idiotic battles before everything ends openly without even bothering to explain half of what the devil is going on, this anime was made to be ignored, if not outright loathed.

Here you are watching the first episode and within the first 5 minutes you already begin to lose track of the number of porn fetishes they crammed in this thing, in an attempt to lure the average horny viewer out there. We get vampires and catgirls who need kissing and flash their underwear, people losing their head without dying, romantic entanglements, and lots of high school kids doing all sorts of stupid shit in a futile attempt to make us laugh. Just how much does someone need to switch off his brain in order to watch this show without constantly facepalming?

The premise mirrors that of its equally braindead show that came around that time called ‘Is this a Zombie?’ The protagonist is killed and turns into an immortal zombie by some vampire chick, followed by silly adventures with other supernatural cohorts and bimbos. The lure of the show is all about sex and violence, but falters in both regards. There is a lot of gruesome violence but since the hero is immortal there is no way he can lose and the whole thing plays out just for kicks. For the same reason there is no excitement since HE CAN’T LOSE and constantly gets sudden power ups just because he is the protagonist. Not even the fan service is that gratuitous since most of it is underwear and nude thrown all over the place in an unnecessary in-story manner.

- The story meanders aimlessly and for the most part is just hapless boys and sexualized girls doing overused ecchi comedy stuff. When it attempts to have a plot, it plays out as simplistic as possible before ending in the middle of nowhere. So basically you get just a poor excuse of a story and then unresolved chaos.
- The direction is a mess. People talking while unfit BGM is playing, plus scenes transitioning haphazardly.
- The characters are all caricatures that popped out of a generic fantasy porn game, hardly manage to evolve past their initial stereotypes and are simply too dumb to make you care about them. They are so simplistically drawn you end up defining them just by haircolor and boob size.
- Artwork is rudimentary and animation suffers severely, making everything to look static and jerky. A lackluster production for the year it came out.
- There are lots of visual effects during action scenes but most are made through cheap filters. Combined with the jerky motions and lack of actual strategy they culminate in lackluster skirmishes bereft of excitement.
- The soundtrack is completely generic pop stuff you will forget right away and voice acting can’t shine because of the utterly devoid of substance dialogues.

In all, you can easily find far better anime with vampires, superpowers, ecchi, and whatever the heck this show tried to throw in, in a more than lazy way to excite you.

1/10 story
4/10 animation
4/10 sound
3/10 characters
2.5/10 overall

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Shadow06 Nov 24, 2013

Summed up perfectly. Thx