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Ajin: Demi-Human

Apr 12, 2016

Ajin ends up being something you force yourself to watch just to see messed up ways to kill or torture someone. It tried to pass as deep by showing the effects of becoming desensitized because of immortality, and how humanity becomes terrified of such creatures living amongst them. All that were just dressing, it didn’t explore the themes on the level of Parasyte and ended up being excuses for gore and murder.

It was tortureporn for edgelords instead of a decent story one can enjoy, and even then it doesn’t hold a candle next to something like Tokyo Ghoul, (only the first season, obviously). Everything else is tensionless battles between Ajin who cannot die, using eye cancer CGI. And yes, it is crappy and the reason why almost nobody bothered to watch it. It was so overlooked in the community they didn’t even nominate it in the Crunchyroll awards of 2016, despite having one of the best villains of the year.

Those who defended it by claiming the CGI is what made it stand out, shot themselves in the foot since it was standing out so much to the point nobody liked it. The previous work from the same animation studio was Knights of Sidonia, which although equally schlocky was at least not using the terrible CGI in an off-putting way. It was not out of place since a setting of genetic engineering in the far future was excusing the eerie and artificial way everything looked much better. Ajin takes place in a mundane Japan of today, so it’s bizarre to have robotic characters and low frame animation for no thematic reason and thus it makes sense why nobody liked it. Frankly, the only thing that benefited from the CGI was the appearance of the black smoke monsters, which look really cool as Stand knock-offs from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Believe it or not, the anime has more problems than the animation, and that is the retarded protagonist. Most deaths and torture scenes wouldn’t happen if he had a 3 digit IQ. Nothing he did made any sense, such as not hiding his face in public areas and avoiding the constant attacks of people who recognized him. He was passive, needlessly overcomplicated every situation, did nothing useful most of the time, and constantly made the plot to go in circles thus becoming detrimental to the narrative. Nobody likes such characters.

Satou, the main villain, was the best thing about the show, since he was the exact opposite of that idiotic MC. Proactive, had an agenda, and was experienced in battle. In effect, he was the story of Ajin. If he was the main character, or at least if he had found Kei much sooner, the show wouldn’t be so off-putting. But no, we couldn’t have good things and even Satou got ruined when that moronic MC defeated him because the plot said so. A complete travesty from top to bottom.

2/10 story
3/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
2.5/10 overall

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wjntxy Feb 16, 2022

u did not just rate the story 2/10

Geist00 May 26, 2021

About this crappy "review", using words of ThatAnimeSnob.

The CGI isn't crappy. If you can get used to it, it won't bother you. I don't care that it didn't get to the "Crunchyroll awards of 2016" - it doesn't mean anything to me anyway, 5 years later.

I have no idea what "mundane Japan of today" have anything to do with the CGI being "bizarre" in your opinion.

This "review" is the "torture porn for edgelords" with "eye cancer".

Care to explain how the protagonist could avoid most deaths and torture scenes, if he had 3 digit IQ? I'm curious. Some other way than killing everyone (because that doesn't require any IQ, and that wasn't in the MC character). Yes, it's very sensible to hide face in public areas, because its common knowledge (only in anime) that no one will be paying to you any attention if you're masked and you behave suspiciously. You think it's sensible to wear a mask in the forest, on the countryside? With ~4 local people? When two of them already saw you, and clearly didn't recognized you? Beside, what constant attacks? So far he was recognized only ONCE (I didn't count "granny" in both cases). It seem you just didn't liked the type of a character he was, but that has nothing to do with his IQ or his "retardeness" (but it says something about the reviewer's).

"protagonist constantly reacting to everything" - but you wrote earlier that he was passive and did nothing useful most of the time... So which was it?

"You end up watching it just to see fucked up ways to kill or torture someone" - don't judge others by your (low) standards.

This "review" in two words: complete travesty.

SoggySoup Feb 26, 2017

I lost faith in the review the instant you mentioned bad CGI I agree it's somewhat edgy and weird but don't bash a show if you can't grasp what it's about. Don't compare it to things it isn't it would've been MUCH worse with traditional animations as traditional animation doesn't have the range of emotions going over someone's faces and the fights are usually not nearly as dynamic as the IBM's fights.

Adyth Jan 10, 2017

the animation is reminding super lagging game but i slapped myself and went through the first episode >plot got me ,i was really interrested in it and i wanted to know whats gonna happen next ..u are very right 90% watchers will drop it not even after 10 minutes >the rest of the people will go through even the visual processing sucks. if there are people like "wanna know more about it without watching it" there is always manga d(0_0)b

Lizardbitch Nov 23, 2016

I feel like your comment about the CGI is ridiculous. What are you talking about when you say poor, because I was able to understand what was going on just fine. I think the animation is good.