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aryancoconut Jan 25, 2018

I really like your reviews and heavy analysis. It’s nice to see someone who doesn’t rate everything 10/10. Not that I’d bash anyone’s tastes, but you seem really intelligent.

nieksnut Jan 9, 2018

Please continue writing your well-argued reviews, so that others like me don't have to sift trough vast amounts of animetrash looking for gems! Kind regards, N.

Sajonji Dec 18, 2017

I don't get why people like this guys "reviews".
They are not only extremely biased, but also blantantly wrong. For example stating the time jumps in your name. not making sense, while in fact they make perfect sense. Either this guy got the attention span of a goldfish or constantly thinks about how to rip the show to pieces while watching, therefore missing whole elements of some shows.
Also he is unable to think from characters point of view, always stating characters are acting dumb or it would be so easy for him to solve situations. Well it's easy for someone sitting in front of the screen with obviously no real-life-experience to claim so.

TL;DR: this guys reviews are biased, useless and just a heap of fancy words to sugarcoat his mediocrity. I don't read them and i advise every halfway sane person to do the same.

NelsonAnime Dec 5, 2017

Impressive on how you had the patience to watch certain shows while Jigoku Shoujo get's bashed xDxD

that anime won't be for anyone simply cause it also counts on the viewer perspective of life

so you either like it or not and i wouldn't call it a full episodic anime cause it does connect eventually.

This is why certain shows when i drop i still give it a fair rate regardless of not atracting me or boring me.

Tmathh Nov 1, 2017

Your reviews are great! Your very thoughtfull and consistent