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Liselotte Aug 9, 2018

You have great taste, Man! I'm not being sarcastic. ;)

deletedaccount Jul 26, 2018

I like reading your reviews. :)

Sweetheartchan May 29, 2018

 Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your reviews/ heavy analysis, they are really complex and that's the reason why I'm able to finish most of them (thought they're long as hell, damn I read that entire stuff you wrote about elfen lied) without getting bored. I'm kinda amazed about the fact that you spend so much time on writing some constructive critics, keep on with the good work! 

ghurk Apr 1, 2018

 i must react to last comments with that if i did read his reviews which by this time i know i can trust, it would save me a lot of brain cells.

i watched both angel beats and akame ga kill due to their high ratings, but was greatly dissapointed. in case of angel beats i can say "worst overrated anime", closely followed by SAO btw. yet, there are alot of people who still talk about them and tell everyone to watch them.

ofc we can say that those anime might be not so bad and many "actually normal" people would appreciate watching them, so why insult and underrate them so much? but who will do a favor these "not so normal" people left? guess who. what does roriconfan do? he helps some of us to not waste their time and ultimately to not get screwed. yes, maybe he is going little too overboard with some insults, but i think some anime poorly rated by roricon pose a danger to humanity and should serve only scientific purposes.

again, thanks roricon, for your helpful reviews.