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neverafall Mar 30, 2012

It didn't really bother me at all. I was kind of mad about how they didn't continue some of the plot holes but the studio did a good job of covering that part up. In the studio's point of view, they can't really make the show everlasting so I think they did a pretty decent job of wrapping it up considering the manga plot has so much more details. Not to mention that the manga is still ongoing.

In the end, everything sort of slowed to a stop. In the least, I'm glad that Guilty Crown isn't one of those animes you hate because the studio screwed up the ending.

kio3459 Mar 29, 2012

i guess you're right.. its more of drama but it is what it is and if you think about the whole horror genre is lacking in my opinion.  The other "horror" animes really blow.. so by those standards Another is considered a master piece.  Unless you can tell me of anime that you a great horror anime.  Another would defeinetely make my top 70 of whatever is i've watch (and i base my rating of 4 stars vs whats already out there in the horror anime world).  Either way people are going to like what they like.. Cabin Fever the film is considered by many filmmakers as a great horror film yet i found completely silly/laughable so i guess i can understand your feelings toward Another. 

Allottee Mar 29, 2012

Although it's labeled as horror, it's better suited for the pshychological thriller genre, as I don't believe it was meant to be particularly 'scary'. Most people have seemed to enjoy it thus far, and although I disagree with some aspects of your review, I respect your opinion. It's interesting to see someone elses point of view on things, especially since i've only seen good reviews on it thus far. 

FreddyCrab Jan 24, 2012

Thanks for the comment ^^ Yeah, sorry I didn't add more in D: Usually I do but I must admit I wasn't sure what to say without just ending up explaining the majority of the story for Vampire Knight :S

JAhU Jan 21, 2012

I'm not really surprised, I never really tried to stand out on AniDB, on the other hand you're probably one of the most well known AniDB users (unless that roriconfan is a different person) :P