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Fockingjay Feb 15, 2020

Quite a prompt response. You're a bit more touchy than i was expecting. Although I suppose you don't word getting out about your intentions. Either way Threaten me all you like i wont be silenced by the likes of you.

ttmeng Dec 10, 2019

Agreed with your review of Inuyasha!

I liked it initially for the characters, the comedy but once I skipped to the end and got to Final Act, I was disappointed.

Seriously the jewel can talk! More powerups! DBZ vibes! Naraku won't die! Kohaku cannot die! Kagome stays in the past indefinitely...?

InSonicBloom Dec 6, 2019

I can't say I really care what other people have concluded about something I like. if they want to call her a loli hitler then; they are also wrong for the same reasons I stated. if you were joking then fine, but given the tenor of your reviews - you don't seem like the type to make jokes, you just seem like the type of person that likes to hate everything anime related, from the various reviews I've seen from you over the site. 

for example; I don't like Marvel/DC films, so I wouldn't review them because no matter how good or bad they objectively were - all I would see is dogshit.

Cuckcoo Nov 24, 2019

Love your reviews!

TheLastAlpha Oct 4, 2019

That's a lot of help. I appreciate it.