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LavanderGirl Sep 9, 2019

Recently I have sent you a friend request on MyAnimeList. Would you accept the friend request?

If you don’t want me to, then just ask me and I will cancel the request. 

sothis Aug 18, 2019

I'm not sure to be honest, will need to investigate the codebase. Created this for tracking:

We do have the functionality for comments (for a full comment) but it's not in the UI

Sonal1988 Aug 7, 2019

Liked your Hyouka review.

CrimsonCondor Jul 18, 2019

You are an impeccable writer! Keep up the great work on your reviews. You always bring great points. I judge anime critically and by overall quality too, so it's nice to find somebody else with this mindset. 

LavanderGirl May 29, 2019

Your review on The Promised Neverland is my most favorite so far:

It will forever be ingrained inside my heart. ❤️ Once season 2 comes out (in 2020) I would be even more curious to know how you’d think of season 2. 

But season 1 is quite a bad adaptation. I prefer the manga actually to the anime. 

It’s embarrassing that most of the comments in your profile are of anime/manga viewers who are too but thirst over your reviews. Makes me glad that I’m an introvert and am picky when interacting with others. You don’t deserve to be treated that way just because you have strong opinions on what you don’t enjoy to watch/read. 

Your my favorite person!! 👍🏽