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nopeydopey Aug 8, 2020

you don't like anime.

TeamAlex Jul 21, 2020

There are some spoilers about the Plot, but i think you actually dont care about this title this much. I tried to explain the Poison thing by using parts of the Manga.

Well yes, the Posion gets explained later with the Background Story of Muzan and how he was created 1000 years ago. The source of her poison, hes something to do with the flowers she is using for it. Called "Wisteria" Flowers. Also those arent "real" Demons. Muzan is not a demon, he calls himself like this. He was created by a Doctor, who was trying to save his life when he was a human. This is when he used a medicin with those flowers.  It actually saved Muzans Life, but it also cursed him with this powers and Pain. And all the Demons own Muzans blood. Its about how much if his blood a demon has. Its just a low Demon, it can be easy killed by poisons because its still more human then muzan. Lower Moons own lot more of Muzans blood. And upper moons are the high peak, which own lot of his blood but not close as Upper Moon 1 and Muzan himself. 

And since Muzan is not a magical creature, but a being created by science, he can be killed of the same way he was created. But no one knows his background story, this is why they actually think, they are fighting real demons. So i guess it explains it for me, but i understand what you were talking about.

TeamAlex Jul 19, 2020

Which one are you talking about now? The Arrow one? Or Susamaru who was killed of by Muzan in the End? Or the Demon killed by Poison? 

pwnsauceweeb Jun 28, 2020

You are godlike at describing what is bad, but not the best at pointing out the good. (might be on purpose though)

I  find your reviews really helpful, even if i just give auto +2/+3 on every grade you give before watching cause i'm still new to anime, so the overused ropes arn't affecting me as much.

I'm curious about the 9 anime you dropped, they might be really shity if you kept watching 1600+.

ArmadaK May 16, 2020

Great page and also love your Youtube videos AnimeSnob!