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AnimeBackMangaer Jun 13, 2021

What is your favorite anime? :) 

Alpha877 Jun 6, 2021

Dude u are crazy!!! 

Violaceae Jun 3, 2021

I get what are you aiming at. And I partially agree, It's not the best anime ever created, It's too overhyped. Characters are staples - the main hero, the mentors, the sensitive one, the ,,high testosterone" one, cute lady ,,to save". Shonen classics. Dont expect much creative characters from  new shonens unfortunately, it rarely happens right now. Shonens are aimed for younger audiences, so characters have defined purpose. Good is good, evil is evil, good always wins. Above things anoy me lately, so maybe that's why I asked you why you watch shonens - I complain similarly, and I consider to drop the genre alltogether.

Demon Slayer is just enjoyable to watch indeed. It shouldn't be called ,,masterpiece" or ,,best anime evah"

But it was above average for a ,,new" shonen. Some demons were creative, some were cliche, it had some heart put into the story. The plot wasn't focused on lewd things. The design, the characters, the story was enjoyble //for me, who is hating most of the new shonens out there, that's something!//  it's simplicity wasn't that obnoxious. Sometimes simplicity and mundane backstories are okay. Not everything has to be crazy mega-op-sad sob story. Especially in shonens, those kind of things often make the stories kinda not relatable or realistic.

This show was aiming for younger audiences, and for them I thing is a quite cool anime to watch. Ofc, young people tend to overhype things, so we see the effects of it now.

I just think that you were a bit too harsh with the characters and it's plot. I get that the expectations cause of hype were high, but they weren't that bad either. It had it's flavor, that's why I think that it is a bit above average among other new shonens out there.

4asahi May 25, 2021

well you should 

4asahi May 25, 2021

you probably won't like it but, have you watched umibe-no-etranger??