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Greetings Anime Fans and Chunibyos

I am still attempting to update my list of all the wonderful Anime I have been privilaged to watch.

Many ask 'Whats your Fav Anime?'...  I don't have one specific.. just a Fav type...  Ones that reach the Heart.


This week I have finally become a Clannad-Dango-Fan!!!   (‘◕_◕) (‘◕_◕) (‘◕_◕)

Never could I have expected the 'After Story' to make me have 9 continious episodes of FEELs {i feel so worn out}


 July ending update

So... like this week has been awkard but fun while finishing my college work... overall I have 2 ODD COUPLES to present!! But only one couple will win this updates top choice award!!!

ODD COUPLE #1     

This couple roams the VR world fighting other players in Accel World...here they are in their VR suits

The pair finds absolution of having nothing in common but enjoys each other....  AWWW!!!


 Risa stands at 172cm while her boyfriend the basketball captain Otani stands at 157cm....  in Lovely Complex

While they don't fight crime.. they overcome boundries of sterotypes to accept themselves and cherish each other

for that reason they win the Akward Choice award and get 2 extra pics

Yohoo!!  and Hello again!

Some off the wall Anime that have nothing in common... and lets see which couple wins!

From the Darkness of Night and Memor Loss boy... is (couple one) with decades in ages

Dance in the Vampire Bund 

Wolf boy     Wolf Boy +    Vampire Girl  =


Our next (second couple) Mysterious Girlfriend X

sit back and enjoy a couple with school crush that will keep you drooling for more

even though both are a bit clueless on love


  OH.. WHAT?

With (couple three) life is simple and just plain magical as a couple in...

Witchcraft Works

  School Life can Be Boring

Unless its something like this  

We could stay home and find something to do...

  Wait.. you have it all wrong.. sure right,

But everyone deserves a tender moment

especially if your Witches

  I have decided the only winnder is the voice actress from Mysterious Girlfriend X

she was superb as Urabe, Mikoto... unfortunately she has no other anime works.

<h1>Yoshitani, Ayako </h1>

With no real winner in the romance category..  we give you Plush Animals having fun

just make sure you have insurance on your home and vehicles

itt's August 25th... and I cant even begin to give a detail on my last 2 series..  both had lots of heart

the first is Sukitte Iinayo

A kick to get started

which goes from this to this


ok probably not the best comparison.. but in the end

the second is Kimi ni Todoke

(too many complain its too slow moving....  but real youth Love moves slow)

but afterwards we think it moved too fast to enjoy it and wish for it again

 a girl who has been compared to the RING movie

which means... she lives almost a complete chilhood life without social learning because nobody would be her friend

and than we have the Popular-Cavalier boy in high school

who saw this ... an unintentional and non-attempt of a smile

friendship opened a door of learning about social interaction, friendship and feelings

unexpected and unknown feelings arise

to find they are equally returned

if your feeling down and want some laughs and cuteness

try  Acchi Kocchi


( •_•)>⌐■-■

( •_•)

( O_O) mother of god...........

( X_X ).....this is too moe.......its deadly.....cute



Recently, I have re-watched a series I had seen a few years back.  But this time, there was an OVA #2 that gave a WONDERFUL closure to 12 short episodes.

I refuse to give any pics or lines that will spoil it!!   But if you have seen...

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!

or also known as

Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!

and not the OVA #2, you REALLY need to.. 

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Sianeka Aug 7, 2015

Hello!! I hope you have been enjoying your time on a-p!!  ^_^

(PS I -love- Lovely Complex - it's my favorite rom-com!)

Blossoms Jul 18, 2015

Thanks for following me! 

btw I love your bio/profile ^^

Blossoms Jul 16, 2015

Congratulations on your first anime review!

I see I’ve recently joined AP so if you want any recommendations (on anime) or any information/ help, let me know ^_^

GinTheGrin Jul 10, 2015

Hi Tetsuaya! You're welcome! Feel free to contact me anytime, by leaving a comment on my profile, in case you need some help. :)

Oh, you don't say! :D

Well, this is how our society works. There are always some people who can't see others being happy. So, whatever you do in your life, you'll always find at least one person coming up to you and say "No! This thing you're doing is wrong! You're wrong!". And when there's one person it's not hard to find another thousand. 

I agree with your view on anime. It's great to have a positive outlook towards things that come your way. :)

And you're welcome again! :D

GinTheGrin Jul 9, 2015

Hi there! Thanks for following me! :D