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As a long-time fan of the .hack// franchise, this is the only thing in the entire franchise I can't seem to bring myself to like (and this is including the confusing mess that was G.U. Trilogy), and it all boils down to one reason: the manga was better. The dub and the sub are relatively the same to me in this instance (aside from my pet peeve of the dub's insistance of prnouncing "Rena" as "Rayna"), so in this case the review is going to be more of a comparison between the manga and the anime.

Characters 5/10

While like with any part of the franchise as a general rule I do enjoy most of the characters and feel the creators did a good job or portraying different types of people who play online games, I have given characters such a low rating for two reasons: 1.) Over the years Shuugo's personality has sort of worn on me, particularly his insestuous lust for Rena based entirely on her character model within The World, and to this day while I still find some aspects of him cute, he is still my least favorite character with the Kite model. 2.) The anime axed who I feel to this day is still one of the best characters of the franchise, Aura's daughter Zefie. She was a major reason for my liking the manga and when I learned she wasn't in the anime I was devestated and since then have never been able to bring myself to get past episode 5.

Story 6/7

Story is a bit hard to rate as I never have actually watched any part of the anime that really has "story", but props are given for the fact that the episodes I have managed to get myself to sit down and watch follow the manga pretty well. However, points are lost again for the fact that Zephie was removed and no matter how much time passes I just can't bring myself to get over this fact.

Sound 7/10

Not much to talk about here, your standard fare of quality of music from .hack// Though sound gets docked a little for the opening and ending themes being incredibly forgettable and bubbly in comparison to music from the rest of the franchise. Voice acting is... decent. Aside from now being able to tell Shuugo was voiced by Bryce Papenbrook in the dub, I never really paid much attention to the show's voice work in either language. Though, again, my pet peeve of the pronounciation of Rena's name and... her voice was only really grating to me in the dub.

Animation 7/10

Even less to talk about here. Pretty standard animation.

In conclusion, I would only reccomend this to people who are fans of .hack// or fumoffu in the first place, and I would reccomend the manga before I'd reccomend the anime.

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6/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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