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A Little Bit About Me:
Hi, I'm Jinni. I go by many nicknames, but you shall never find my real name! I'm a college student and I enjoy drawing, reading, and lazying around the house. I also have an obsession with pandas and chocolate.  I am a full time loser studying to be a graphic designer.

You can stalk me around deviantART here.

My Life on Anime:
It might sound like an exaggeration, but animation itself has ruled my life. I grew up watching cartoons and to this day, I watch only cartoons.

I was about five when I was first exposed to Japanese animation. First one I saw was Pokemon and I loved it to death. Owned a bunch of merchandise from that franchise, including a big ol' Pikachu plush. Later, I obsessed watching Digimon and Sailor Moon. When I was eight, I fell in love with the violence and action brought by Dragonball Z. However, this caught my parent's attention and caused them to ban me from watching anime.

About five years later, I was re-introduced into anime when a cousin of mine recommended that I watch Naruto. I became a huge fan and for the first time, I found people at my school that were also interested in the show and was able to make new friends.

Eventually, I became bored of Naruto and started to search on the internet about more anime I could find. The first I had found on my own was Death Note, and it will always remain my favorite anime. I still search and watch anime online and on TV whenever I can.

So yeah. Anime fan foreverrrrs~


I'm up for chatters. Leave me a comment anytime!

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xCanaxCherry Jan 21, 2014

I really like your profile! ^^

Minai99 Feb 9, 2013

Is your anime list up to date? it would be easiest for me to give recommendations if I knew exactly what you've seen. :)

Minai99 Dec 23, 2012

Would you perhaps like some anime recommendations? I'm a bit bored, figured I'd search around ap for some nice conversation. I'm sure I could find a good one or two you haven't seen yet!

nallyasian Jul 12, 2012

hah yeah! same here. but im a bit annoyed cos BLOODY HELL you have holidays so you can take a BREAK, not freaking visit every corner of the whole freaking world >o<

sorry about that haha~ i haven't been on AP much lately cos my mums been packing my days FULL of activities... it gets a bit annoying when all you really wanna do is sit your ass down and watch anime =.=

thanks for asking though ^^" but since i replied late... how've you been since then??

comic artist huh? can i get a peek of something while you're at it? :)

nallyasian Jun 25, 2012

haha that's alright :) As you can see I reply late a lot too~ s'pesh with all the exams going on *sighs*

hows it going?