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Plot and Characters

I loved Revy in this, Same cold stare and with that zero f's attitude she keeps in her pocket. The sexual advance she made at rock was awesome and how she took rejection was even more interesting. Revy has done zero harm to this anime and I'm glad they're writing more manga.

Rock... sucked. I mean I expected a lot of what he did, but I detested how ideological he was. I mean... He's always ideological but they went WAY overboard during the OVAs. He's always quick to share what's on his mind and that makes for unnatural dialogue. I knew one guy like Rock and the guy was a complete tool. The string of events leading up to the maid's capture seemed lame and unbelievable. The fact that Rock orchestrated this makes it even more unbelievable.

The Maid - I love how she totally loses her mind to the point where she can't tell what's reality. Her logic and backstory make it easy to see why she's so batshit crazy. Loved it.

Balalaika - I loved her in the first two seasons... but they kinda changed her personality in the OVAs. Definitely the same old mob chick I love but something was off. She doesn't have anything to prove to the Americans and she already knew that. So, why would she do what she did? Why would she go on her crazy little rant to the Americans. Mind you, this is coming from the same chick who said she only wanted to see how long she could dance in the pit of hell.

Lovelace kid - He wasn't too bad. I didn't hate him and he's kinda required considering he's the Maid's boss now. I think he was a positive force in the OVA.

Mini maid - Not goanna bother to look up her name but she was interesting and consistent with the Lovelace family. The clash she got into with Revy over finishing off a dying man was pretty epic.

Eda - I disliked the part where she spoke with Mr.. Chang through a voice modulator. It was mostly out of character... And Eda wouldn't do that...

---- Conclusion

The OVAs are definitely worth watching however several of the characters have sudden personality changes from previous seasons. Far too much to be considered character growth.

6/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall

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