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I live out in the Middle of the United States.  it can be colder than Antarctica (we actually were for a couple of days back in 2017!). I work for a healthcare software company, specializing in the automation of all things Linux.  I spend nine hours a day infront of a text terminal and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Anime I like:

Comedy, Ecchi, Melancholy, Psychological, Explicit Violence, Mature Themes, Sexual Content, Original Work

I enjoy most others too but I tend to gravitate towards those the most.


Anime I don't like

Any anime with more than 70 episodes. They all end up with the same anti-patterns :(

anything with one dimensional chars (Most modern popular anime is this, sadly)

episodic is generally a no fly zone

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Senji2149 Oct 9, 2023

Oh, diablos no.

kira5yoshikage5 Sep 27, 2021

mf hates lee and guy

YuiYui Jun 7, 2015

Hello, nice to meet you.


I noticed that you made a recommendation recently, I am helping out getting more people like you to recommend for current season anime as well as previous ones (Plus manga if that is what you are interested in) . Thank you for you help by making the recommendation in the first place. And as a member of the forum recommendation club, I would love if you could help me.


Maybe even in the future you will be able to suggest some anime (and manga in the future) that may need more recommendations here:





Thank you for your time