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Fate Series, what is actually worth it ?

The Fate/Type Moon series is known to be milked to oblivion. I started with Fate/Zero which is what got me into the franchise but since I'm a completionist I watched it all even though not everything was as good.

Great Anime Protagonists.

Protagonists that truly inspire me or I like them for a different reason. I will regularly add characters if I feel the need to do so.

My 2018 In Anime: The Recommendations

Aside from Steins;Gate I never watched anime until May of 2018. After that I did it more on the regular resulting in watching 41 anime series and movies in a few months which is a lot more than it seems. I'm not counting specials...

My 2019 In Anime: The Recommendations

I have been a lot more picky due to having way less time and also took the decision to skip most specials and ova's so that I can enjoy more good this year. I noticed that 2019 was also a year where newer series got into the...