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Dellsimkin Aug 22, 2018

Welcome good to see that you have an unbiased rating system I see so far little high on the 5 but compared to mine go to my site it's Dell simkin d e l l s i m i k k i watch twenty thousand episodes and I think my writing system is pretty fair my fives and plus 4.5 or hard to come by but I have lots of high threes and threes you know because you've got to judge the whole so not just your favorite parts and after 20,000 episodes and 600 series I think maybe you could get a good gleam office of good shows to watch from me and just work your way down my list glad you're here

FullmetalDragon Aug 21, 2018

Hey, thanks for following me ^^ I'm following you back now! 

How are you? Watching any good anime at the moment?

Alebord May 31, 2018

Hi!! ^^

Welcome to Anime-Planet! Hope you enjoy your time here!  :3

If you got any questions or just want to have a chat, feel free to write me back!

Nya ~