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Hello there, visitor of my profile!

Nice to meet you! I'm Tebak, an anime fan for most of my life. I also play games. Feel free to leave a comment on my profile if you'd like to have a chat, I'm always happy to get to know new people! 


My ratings and preferences

I'm usually most drawn to stories and characters that are unique, profound and of course entertaining. Good art, animation, music and direction can also be important. When it comes to genres, the only ones I don't care for are the likes of harem and ecchi. I don't watch anime for the purpose of looking up skirts.

You may find my ratings are generally low. That's mainly because of the way I use my ratings. 1.5 is the middle point, where everything above is a positive rating and everything below is negative. I made it this way because I don't see any point in wasting half my ratings on distinguishing the different levels of dislike I have for various bad anime. If an anime doesn't have anything of its own to offer, then it's a waste of time either way. Therefore I only need two negative ratings: One for bad anime that has something to offer, and one for bad anime that has nothing to offer. 

Keep in mind that my ratings are of course based on my personal opinions and feelings, and in no way an attempt at telling anyone what is and isn't objectively good

5 stars - Masterpiece. Could not realistically have been better for what it is. Not flawless of course, but the negatives are insignificant or easily excusable compared to the positives. I have yet to discover an anime that I can consider for this rating.

4.5 stars - Favorite of Favorites. An anime with this rating is near the peak of how good anime could ever be in my eyes. Anime with this rating will have prominent 5 star qualities, but fall short in other aspects.

4 stars - Favorite. An anime with this rating or higher is among my absolute favorites, and I've spent a lot of time thinking about it even after having seen it. In other words, it has a lot to offer and is very memorable.

3.5 stars - Fantastic. An anime with this rating has won my heart and there's nothing quite like it. It's without a doubt worth watching more than once. 

3 stars - Great. Very enjoyable to watch and has something that makes it stick out and be memorable. Probably worth watching more than once. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who doesn't mind its genre.

2.5 stars - Good. I like it. 

2 stars - Decent. The positives outweigh the negatives, if just barely.

1.5 stars - Average. The positives and the negatives are about equal. Would still recommend to a dedicated fan of its genre.

1 star - Bad. The negatives outweigh the positives, but there is still some form of value or enjoyment derived from watching it. 

0.5 stars - Garbage. Has no positives that stand out whatsoever.

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Ultimatetushar Sep 3, 2019

Ok ,thanks.Have a nice day!

Chinaski Aug 31, 2019

Thank you 

dutchcanuck2016 Aug 29, 2019


No stars or ratings, as I've spent the week making a list of anime that I want to view.

In time, the ratings will show, over a long drawn out period of time, time allowing me to watch all 1200+ titles that I've saved ..... so far.

Thank you.

SpiritOfCoffeeMug Aug 27, 2019

Thank you for the comment on my Overlord review! I'm glad that you found it helpful.

Nothingexe Aug 27, 2019

yea i actally love it :D I din´t know how much time I have spend watching anime...and man It´s lot