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Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism

Armed Girl's Machiavellism


I'm still not quite sure whether this should be a pure comedy, parody or something else or whether this title actually wants to be taken seriously. In view of the plot and the approaches, I will probably assume his very absurd action-comedy.

The story revolves around a school that switched from an all-girls school to a mixed school. And to protect the girls, they were allowed to use self-defense against boys. But the girls used their power and subjugated the boys at school, they would be withdrawn from them and henceforth let them live on as women in disguise.
And then the protagonist appeared and everything changed -

Anyway, the anime goes like this. The protagonist fights one of the girls after the other, changes their minds and finishes defeating the final boss. Except for the final boss, everything was actually quite boring, monotonous and the humor was also very limited. Maybe one laugh per episode and this is a bad statistic.


Implemented very poorly. The action was there, but it was implemented quite unimaginatively. I can hardly call this title a harem either, since the majority of women had no romantic interest in it. Romance wasn't present either. And it's hard to talk about a comedy title here, the first 2 episodes were probably the most amusing, then it was dead quiet.


Basically none exist. The protagonist has to fight his way through rows of bad schoolgirls to change her mind.

The only story relevant is the queen of the school. But it's not enough to really talk about it.

Animation / Pictures:

Episode 1 probably used up the whole budget. The title started with a very solid fight that could at least grab the attention of the audience. Apart from that, the animations were in the basement and there were still images without end. You should have saved this for the last fight.


The girls were mostly the collection of all Stereo Type personalities as you know them.

The only two interesting characters are the protagonist and the antagonist.

The protagonist is a very chilled character who hardly shows anything and has enormous self-control and a good poker face. It is not profound, but it is simply not off-putting. Does not come close to this 0815 Prota level.

The antagonist didn't have too much screen time, but enough to rise above all other characters. He was a book-name sociopath with multiple personality disorder. His perspective of things and the world wasn't that wrong either. Compared to the whole work, she had at least some ambition.


Intro is almost below average like the outro. The Osts in the anime are still solid and average. Was probably the strongest area in the title.


Well, as a bizarre and questionable mediocre comedy, it can definitely be recommended if you want to watch a "Wtf" title. Apart from that, it is below average in all areas, although more could have happened here with the right implementation.

2/10 story
4/10 animation
5.5/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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