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One-Punch Man

May 21, 2020

This series originated from the hobby artist who bears the pseudonym "One". At that time, his comic was like the work of a below-average illustrator, that is, it was almost similar to doodling.

Later this was taken over by "Yusuke Murata" and he gave it the shine of a real manga. As was to be expected with the popularity, we received an anime, numerous Ova's and an announcement for a second season of the Manga series.


So far I only knew the series by listening and was confronted with one or the other scene on Youtube, which I simply wanted to see out of curiosity. And despite that, I couldn't understand the popularity of this work. A man who suffers every villain in one fell swoop? Should this really be fun or interesting? Sure, you certainly avoid a lot of clichés and destroy many well-known 0815 moments as you know them in common shounen anime / manga.

Well, in the end I also took a look at the series. And yes, the content was like the description says. But the implementation, characters, animations and humor made this a very amusing comedy work, which I will go into more closely in the context of the other criteria.


There was no real story here. There were a few characters who were pursuing their goals and it is still being worked on, but the series was more like successive fights.

But all episodes had to do with each other and there were also slight developments and changes in the plot. Apart from that, the only thing that was dealt with here in the end was fighting and confrontation. However, I was surprised at the details, the anime was well worked out in the details.

Animation / pictures:

The animations were clearly the highest caliber. The characters' drawing style fluctuated from time to time, but this was deliberately kept that way. Apart from that, the detail was very well animated, there was nothing to complain about about the light and shadow ratio and the reflections. The smooth fights and animations of destruction and action were also excellent. The animations were almost insultingly good for such an anime.


A bit amusing when I hear / read that the animations outshine Dragon Ball. The level of animation was not even comparable.


The characters were also really surprising. The protagonist "Saitama" was something really new and fresh, to be honest, I rarely see anything like him. Disinterested, bored and yet easily irritable. His dialogues, personality and way of acting was also something interesting. Genos the cyborg also had its own traits, and the relationship between the characters also had a positive one.

On the bad guys, there was a huge bunch of individual enemies with occasionally really appealing design and personality, which I unfortunately see as a waste. They could have played a pleasant role in real shounen anime. There were also some interesting specimens hidden among the supporting characters and also some stereo types.

Unfortunately, in the first season, the characters were almost neglected and will simply have a lot of personalities with a pleasant design. There was no lack of detail in their dialogues and Co., but there was a lot of depth of character. Since this work had mainly dealt only with fights, these were really neglected. More will follow in the manga anyway.


In itself, the opening of the presentation was nothing special, just the animation and the song. The animation corresponded to the level of the anime and in itself would outshine some anime. The intro song, however, was really great. It fits the anime incredibly well, which I find really fascinating.

I found the soundtracks to be very pleasant, from the emotional to the one punch man theme, fight theme, genos theme and Co. The sounds in the fights were also very good, especially the sounds when they moved, what exploded and Genos's attacks in particular were adorned with sound.

My conclusion


One punch man

This series was anything but a masterpiece. But it was a series with quite recommendable levels of humor, excellent animations, fights and implemented genre. In other words, every action and comedy fan gets his money's worth with this work.

Problem with this, for this show to shine more, we need the full Manga animated and not just the starter Seasons.

5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
6/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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