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sothis Dec 20, 2017

Hello! Just helping spread the word about A-P's new challenges feature - there's currently three to choose from, an anime watching challenge for the 2018 calendar year, a similar manga reading one, and a winter 2018 seasonal one. There's dango levels and such for watching/reading certain amounts. 

Would love your feedback if you end up trying them out! More info about them is in the announce

heyalotp71 Aug 16, 2014

Some that were made a long time ago, like for example Papuwa i am watching, also one thats good for sports in general, i think anyways and its called  overdrive, and they arent simlcasts but ya. And for the simicasts i am enjoying love stage, dramatic murder,  free- eternal summer,and toyko ghoul. 

And when i am waiting for similcasts i usually watch other series to keep myself occupied, well thats what i do. I hope to get through most of the animes that i want to finish. ^-^

heyalotp71 Aug 15, 2014

Yep, it is nice talking to you. Have you been catchin up on your anime lately??

heyalotp71 Aug 14, 2014

Oh and thank you very much for the follow ^-^

heyalotp71 Aug 14, 2014

Your welcome ^-^, and I think i once had a myanimelist but i don't remember my info to get in. But ya i might try to figure it out and see what i can do on there.