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A Guy Like You

Jul 31, 2020

I remember loving this manga so much when I first encountered it. But as time went by, I kept seeing it in my read list and I'd rethink the plot. That was when I realized that, 'Wow, this is pretty darn stupid'.

Story: Recently, Go Siwon's dreams have included (typical rich boy character) Kang Jinha. According to Kang Jinha, they have some history together but Go Siwon has no idea what the f*ck he's talking about. With hints from Kang Jinha, Go Siwon starts remembering the incident bit by bit. It's basically about their relationship as Go Siwon starts recalling things.

Art: Mediocre, but the body proportions are off. Specifically for the younger characters, like in the flashbacks when their kids.

Characters: Not gonna lie, Go Siwon annoyed the hell out of me. That little sucker made everything so dramatic and tiring. And we have Kang Jinha who's so unbelievably persistent to the point where I almost marked him off as crazy. Next is Go Siwon's friend, whose name I forgot. The friend is probably the worst written character that I have ever seen in a BL. I won't elaborate because I really want to talk about this next character (whose name I also forgot). We'll call Kang Jinha's 'ex-boyfriend'. Or actually, let's call him Yandere. Yandere is a bit of a yandere. He's definitely psycho and his obsession with Kang Jinha is very unhealthy. Not to mention that he really wasn't needed at all. This could've been a nice, 40 chapters romance about Go Siwon regaining his memories whilst falling in love. Instead, we got a yandere boy who, for some reason, is stuck on someone he met in, what? Middle school? High school?

Overall2/5 stars

3/10 story
6.8/10 art
2/10 characters
4/10 overall
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