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Lady Baby

Jun 30, 2020

While this manga is very cute and heartwarming, almost nothing big has happened in the 82 chapters that I've read. Yes, I like seeing her family dote on Lippe and be happy despite dying in the past, but it gets old. It's too slow, she only met the male lead after like chapter 70 and this is supposed to be a romance(?). 

Other than that, the art is amazing and the characters are average. Most of their actions are doting on Lippe so I think they need some development. The only major character with their own personality is the prince, who I have taken a liking too. It would be interesting if he also has memories of the future.

Okay, when she started talking when she was just a toddler, that was unbelievably freaky. She was so fluent and spoke like an adult. I thought it would be interesting at first but it was so abnormal to watch, I would've taken my baby to a doctor. It's like when Saiki Kusuo was walking in the air and his parents were completely unfazed. Except Lippe's parents weren't but they got used to her talking a bit too quickly for my tastes.

Basically, the story needs to move faster, the prince needs to appear more, and the characters need more development. Flaws aside, it's a nice manga too read and looks promising. It's an average manga, I suppose. 

6/10 story
9/10 art
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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