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Satisfying Conclusion?❓ (ends in OK spot. Definitely more to the story)
Actual Romance?❓ (setting is literally a dating game, but dont expect any romance progression to take place)
Actual Comedy?✔️ (dumb things happening)

What is this anime?
MC gets Isekai'd into a dating game that he has extensive knowledge of. He decides not to use his knowledge to his advantage and live the life of a backwater noble. However, he ends up getting roped into the story of the game's protaganist.

Did I enjoy it?
At the start it was good. Plenty of the dumb type of comedy I like. Fast paced shinanigans. It quickly drops off though. The premise has much potential. Unfortunately, I feel this show barely uses that potential at all. The show should be called "Trapped in a world that is based off of a dating sim, but the dating sim stuff doesnt actually happen so its pretty much just another world". Past the first 2 episodes or so, the dating sim setting doesn't even exist anymore, other than the MC incessantly claiming to the viewers that he's "just a mob character", it's of no note. He recognizes the game characters and plot lines, but that's no different from any other game. The dating sim stuff just doesn't have a bearing on the story other than being an origin point. The MC is the only character that leaves a meaningful impression on me. He does what he wants and not many of the usual tropes apply to him. All the other characters on the other hand, feel like "Anime characters" and super fake. It makes a little bit of sense, since the world is literally a game, but it quickly breaks off of the original game's plot anyhow. A few of the characters seem like the author thought "what would make this character super annoying and make people want to use the fast forward button to skip their scenes?". You betcha I skipped some scenes more than a few times cause it was a drag to sit through annoying characters blab on just to set a specific reaction inside the viewer that "this character bad". It ruins the small amount of immersion it began with. Several plot points aren't very well thought out.  Like the enemy having a legendary knight on board, and only using him after they've lost ships, mechs, and their nations freaking princess for example. And although it's quite obvious to the viewer (if they are paying attention) who the extra character is, there is almost zero interaction between them and the MC. Maybe this will change in the future, but it would be strange at this point for them to actually have a chat. Despite this show inciting my fury at times, it was entertaining. Give it a shot if you don't mind infuriating characters.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
3.6/10 overall

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Saara404 Oct 20, 2022

I agree with what you said. I'm a light novel reader and when I heard it's gonna get animated I was happy. I'm actually confused how so many people could give high score to THIS. It's just two books smashed into 12 episodes. Even though I LOVE ligh novel, this anime was in my eyes horrible. In manga everything is well explained and characters actually have personality, in anime just like you said they are "anime characters". Tbh i hope it doesn't get second season...