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The Dawn of the Witch

Jul 19, 2022

Satisfying Conclusion?✔️
Actual Romance?❌
Actual Comedy?❌
Fanservice/Nudity?❓ (bath scene with fog-censorship)
Recommend?✔️ (if u want a somewhat light-hearted, yet mature/dark magic-training show)

What is this anime?
A non-direct sequel to "Grimoire of Zero". Some characters reappear, but the main cast is new, and with a much more lighthearted story. 3 Students are sent to a special village to study magic for a few years. This is about them struggling together to get to the end-goal of graduating.

Did I enjoy it?
First off, highly recommend watching "Grimoire of Zero" first. You don't need to but it made the experience much better. If you find it boring though, still give this show a try, as they have very different vibes. I enjoyed this show more than the prequel, as it was more lighthearted and with a less predictable cast of characters. The MC has had forced the "amnesia" trope onto him. However, it plays it out well and differently than the usual. The OP MC trope is there as well, but it is somewhat hidden. The MC is absolutely OP, but can't use his powers. And that fact doesn't change instantly, like many other shows depict. Throughout the series the MC is slowly learning to accept them and to facilitate their use. Due to the MC living a non-standard life and not knowing the norms, sometimes the things that come out of his mouth gave me a giggle or two, especially when he talked about romance. The Conclusion ends nicely, but I would like to see the rest of the story of our MC and his buds. Give it a try.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
6.5/10 overall

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