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My Hero Academia 5

May 29, 2022

Much like how My Hero Academia is a show that is split between the battle between, good and evil, light and dark, creation and destruction, this season itself is neatly split between two parts. The first part, where we are shown how the heroes are growing and improving and the second part, where we see what the villains have been up to, with a special focus on their evolution.

To start the season, we get a clash between the two hero classes A and B, with a special guest in Shinso who wants to transfer into the hero class. More on him later in this review. Every class is split into different teams, and to win have to capture as many of their opponents as possible during a set time period. This part just shows what new moves the characters have and to show that they have also grown as strategist. It is clear that some of them are forming good understanding with each other, and might form future pro hero teams together. One of the most impressive improvements is that of Bakugo. While we all think he is a hotheaded egomaniac, he is proven to be trusting and lets himself be relied on others (naturally in his very specific Bakugo ways). The only one who struggles is Deku, and for a very specific reason.

Before the training class clash even starts, Deku notices that something is off with his powers. One for All is acting up. He struggles to control it in his sleep, wakes up unnerved. And finally, he is starting to have visions and dreams about the quirk and its past. In the dreams we see how the first user, the brother of All for One non the less, got the quirk and how he chose to use his powers to stop his sinister brother. In total there were 7 users of one for all before All Might and Deku. It is revealed  that Deku will eventually manifest every single one of those Quirks. With that revelation we also find out what the real nature of One for All is. It enhances Quirks it gets in contact with. Every One for All predecessor was a fine hero with a fine quirk, but once they came in contact with One for All, that quirk and its power grew exponentially. The first predecessor who revels himself to Deku is a hero named Blackwhip. It is during the intraclass clash that Deku manifests the quirk for the first time, and it goes absolutely berserk. A cascade of black matter in form of whips torment and destroy everything. It is only with the help of Shinso, his brainwashing quirk and the bravery of Uraraka that they manage to get Deku’s new quirk under control.

Hero Class A wins, Shinso impresses and everyone is thrilled to have him as a potential future classmate. I felt bad for Shinso, and I admire his determination. Brainwashing sounds and usually is a superpower reserved for villains, exclusively so. Excited to see how they create a hero out of someone with such a Quirk, a quirk that some may describe as creepy.

Then we get part of the season where the kids go on special field training with pro heroes. Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki join non other than the new Number 1 Hero , and Todoroki’s dad Endevour. His evolution from abusive parent, to a remorseful hero, who wants to carry his burden is central. We are faced with the whole history of Endevour and his abuse of his children and his wife. Not only was his wife hospitalized with nervous breakdown, they also lost a child. Todoroki had a brother and the apparently lost him. Its never clearly stated how he perished. The look in his eyes reminds me of another character with fire powers in this show. Don’t really want to speculate, but feels very Chekhovs Gun to me, especially when you combine it with the revelation later in the show, about what that evil scientist does with dead people’s quirks. Endevour proves himself a good teacher, pushes the 3 boys to their limits, but with understanding, compassion, and a true sense of guidance. I was touched, when he told Todoroki’s brother, and his son, that what he looks for is not forgiveness, he just wants to make amends for all the harm he has done. Feels very much like they are setting him up to die a heroic death, sacrificing himself for others. We also get a dream that Endevour dreams often. His whole family, happy around the dinner table, without him. Feels like a 1+1 is 2 situation.

On the other side of the spectrum, we get the villains clashing with a new emerging threat to the world, the Meta Liberation Army. They are pushed to their limits, they survive, they evolve their powers, similar to what the heroes have been through, just with more death, and a lot more destruction. Eventually the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army merge into one entity with Shigaraki as their supreme leader. We also get flashbacks of Shigaraki’s past. You can’t help but feel bad for him, as a child at least. He grew up in an abusive home, much like Todoroki. His father hated heroes. Why? Because his mother and Shigaraki’s grandmother, left the family to be a hero. The mother is none other than All Might’s former teacher Nana Shimura. Shigaraki’s father abused him every time the kid wanted to play heroes. Eventually, young Shigaraki is pushed to his limits and at the worst possible moment, his quirk activates. This leads to him killing, reflexively his whole family. He regrets killing them, but as the season progresses, he comes to terms with how he felt about his father. He hated him, and he is glad he killed his own father. All for One finds him, and raises him into this twisted person he has now become. It’s a tragic destiny for a child. One should have some pity for him, but then again, there is the seed of destruction in him, a sadistic joy in annihilation, and an impulse to evil. All of this make him truly a villain worthy of despising.

Another person he gets a bit of the highlight this season is Hawks the number 2 hero. It is revealed that he works as an undercover agent, infiltrating the league of villains as well as the Meta Liberation Army. Curious guy, born with a very strong altruistic impulse. It is this impulse that leads him to become a hero, but the impulse is so strong he rarely thinks about his own wellbeing. I wonder if this altruistic impulse will eventually lead to his demise?

 I still don’t know why they need to tell us about every single quirk as soon as the character appears. If they are important, we shall find out what it is right. Or just let the characters do that, while they explain their strategy on how to neutralize them. A rare minus for an exciting season, but a very annoying one.

Excited for season 6 and the potential all out clash between the Villains and the Heroes.

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8/10 overall
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