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I'm an anime nut!  I also enjoy Bowling, Zelda Classic, Mugen, Lets Playing, among other stuff.  

I have a Twitter too!  Check me out & follow me if you'd like: @TopKirby8305 (Mahoro avy)

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Akihiro13 Nov 26, 2016

Hello again!

Im rushing to write this before the light goes out.

I've watched the first episode tbh, and it really caught my attention, so expect my review after like 5 episodes. It seems to be a gem-worthy for my lists. So yah hope my net doesnt get distracted too much. And thank you for recommending me this one. 

And hope that I can show you a good one also xD


Akihiro13 Nov 23, 2016

Lmao you could just see it in my profile. xD

But anyways, if you want to hear it from me, the animus I'm currently watching are, Denki-gai, To aru Hikuushi, and Tawawa on Mondays (something like that)

The first two are pretty good I must say, even though they seem boring to the 13-14 years old me, I'm starting to like most of their characters and the storyline going.

Tawawa is just for the "plot" and daily laughs


NicoCake Nov 22, 2016

No problem!^^. My November has been awesome so far!! I hope yours is good too!

Have you watched any anime recently?^^

NicoCake Nov 19, 2016

Hi! :3

What's up?

Ah, pretty much nothing! I just finished up a manga for a marathon. I still have to complete 3 more and I am caught up :)

Btw followed you! Hope you can back! :3

Thanks! <3. And I will!~

Akihiro13 Nov 17, 2016

Aye, indeed she is kind sir.~

Sorry for the late reply because of crappy internet and school stuff. anyways, thanks for the welcome letter, and I hope you are having a fine day out there :v